best plastic surgery clinics in Korea

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  1. My pleasure, most likely they're going to suggest the same, fat graft or dermis. But i wouldn't be surprise if they suggest implant as well :smile: and thank for the well wishes:smile:
  2. Yeah they usually suggest a mid face life or a neck lift after zygoma and jaw surgery. But its usually not recommended to have it done at the same time since your face is going to be heavily swollen after a cheek or mandible reduction surgery. I was ask to wait after my cheek bone reduction before decide if i need a neck lift. Other wise i would've done it at the same time.
  3. I pay 9.5 million for everything. Alloderm might be a little too solid to be used there. Usually it is used for in the nose region. Dermis or fat is the preferred material for used around the paranasal area. I am not very favorable with implant for the paranasal area my self. Which is why i choose dermis.
  4. Best of luck for your surgery Shane.. hopefully the result will be as expected :smile:
  5. I didn't really think what would happen if it went bad before surgery. I rather tried to stay positive when I actually made my mind to get surgery. It has been 4 months since I had surgery, and you can't find any scar on my face. :smile:
  6. Sent it ! check your email ! :smile:
    square jaw reduction was a part of v-line surgery and I had it.
    I mean all surgeries can be dangerous, that's why it is important to choose
    the safest clinic to get surgery from :p
  7. not surprise if they suggest implants? omy~ i better research more on paranasal before making any decision.

    you should be in the surgery soon!!!! :smile: *Fighting*
  8. they quote you korean won ?
    they say it does not mather if i pay cash or not still have to pay for the 10%
    hope for a quik recovery :tup:
  9. Wow, tell gingercandy that I'm keeping her in my prayer for me !
    and you as well :biggrin:
  10. what kind of surgery that ginger candy did with Dr Hong? Hope ginger candy heals fast and she can give the good news about the result.:woohoo:
    I will have consultation with Dr Hong and Dr Shin as you suggest. Dig information as much as i can.
    I read testimonial in consultation page from BK website. I found something that make me little worried. From Malaysian Council (i forget the name) they wrote about dissapointment from the surgery performed by Dr. Kim. They seemed angry
    and there is an email from patient who did nose surgery with Dr. Hong and she was upset with the result, because of assymetry.
  11. Ask BK about their free guest house. It will help you save some money on hotel :smile:
  12. thank you dan4me,
    do you have some friend who did the surgery with Dr Hong?
  13. gingercandy did :smile: hehe and a couple of friends of mine after they saw my result when I came back home.
  14. I just answered the same question to someone else. I did not know what kind of surgery I needed exactly before surgery, but I knew how I want to look after surgery, so when I explained to Dr. Hong, he explained about the surgeries that I need in order to achieve the image that I want. :smile: Then he also explained that all the procedures I did were safe to do at once, and that's how I decided. ;)
  15. hi dan4me,

    Please email your B&A pic to many thanks
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