Best deal you've ever gotten on an MJ?

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  1. Me: Vermillion Sofia & Cream Lola both for under $150 each! and this lil cutie ($60):

  2. i'm not very lucky when it comes to the sales. i got the striping bowler for about 40% off on eluxury. i manage to snag the last one. i recently got a pomegranate venetia on eBay for $310. i thought that was a pretty amazing deal!
  3. My Alfred! I got my suga baby for less than $300. It was so worth it!:wlae:
  4. my most recent purchase; black venetia with gold hardware for $359 :smile:

    so it was YOU, kim, who got the last striping bowler from elux! hah
  5. On E-bay, I think it was my Washed Rose Stella for $265. Used, but in just about new condition.

    In a store, probably a black Karen for $549.

    I always seem to miss the deals in the stores. I wish I could find that Topaz Stam somewhere!
  6. i have gotten a few great MJ deals.

    MJ Patent Ursula - 459.00 at Nodies
    MJ Quilted Velvet coin purse - 35.00
    MJ wallet on eBay for i think 79.00
  7. My Bordeaux Blake - LOL
  8. My Emerald green Small MP for 168.00. Mint Condition!
  9. Correction - I got a Oatmeal Blake for $250 on eBay - seller posted dark pictures and no detail - she emailed me better pics - I saw it was authentic and I won w/ my offer.
    Externally, there were no marks - which was surprising on a very light bag. Internally, there were some water stains on the bottom of the suede lining - I was OK with that - I tried to clean it the best I could. At this price, I was less afraid to use the light colored bag.
  10. NEW MP for 167$
  11. BNWT Mp for $450
  12. I was just wondering are these mostly ebay deals? :smile:
  13. mine are mostly ebay!
  14. i love my best deals - make me very happy

    MJ Raquel in ivory for $298 at Saks
    MJ plum elastic quilted stam for $454.90 at Nordies
  15. MJ coin purse in peanut for 42 bucks on ebay
    MJ zipclutch for 160 bucks
    Sophia in black from NM for 440