Best deal you've ever gotten on an MJ?

  1. Periwinkle Sophia from *bay!
  2. A little over 500 for my Bordeaux Blake. But someone here got the same bag for $390-something! Now that's a steal!

    I also got a multipocket from Nordstrom Rack for like $499 and it's been one of my favorite bags ever!
  3. NO WAY. :wtf: If you ever see one of those bags ever again, PM me! OMG...I can't believe you got the pochette for $35!! That's amazing! :yahoo:
  4. ^^ I told you! I remember that listing too and just dismissed it b/c I didn't want a Cream Pochette...had I known it was Marigold...hehe
  5. I've bought various zip clutches for less than $150 each. A key pouch (that I LOVE) for about $40. A wine Stella for just over $200 (that is my best deal I think but she needs some TLC).
  6. Definitely the LE python/suede Zoe on e-bay for $199
  7. Both from eBay:

    Petrol Venetia for $129 shipped
    Black key pouch with silver hardware for $33 shipped

    I haven't managed to top those yet. :upsidedown:
  8. 2 zcs, wine mint $80 and a marron one for £40 also mint, they're not to mint now lol, in the sale nothing all the good stuff goes before I get there - I'm not so good getting up very early, so it's either full price or eBay for me.
  9. :shocked:Holy cow. Petrol = beautiful!!!! OMG, I am soooooo excited for you on that one!
  10. I've been waiting to see the pics of this lovely... oh please show.:nuts:
  11. Okay! :shame: I'll post tonight after the kids go to bed.

    I've never posted any of my stuff here, come to think of it. Maybe I'll take a family pic.
  12. ^ You should! :yes:
  13. Ebay: A perfect LE Sofia in black for $175, gorgeous Carmel ZC with silver hardware $79! Adorable salmon medium quinn $29. All thanks to TPF
  14. Wow, gooddog, what finds!

    Mine aren't all that impressive, but I still consider them good deals: small oatmeal multipocket for $250, and my Elleen for $190.
  15. Those are both great deals!
    Actually I consider every bag I've gotten on ebay a pretty good deal, havent paid over $290 for a bag and the 290 was actually a bag and matching wallet. 250 peppermint stella, 240 black stella, 80 wallet and key pouch, cant remember some of them that I have sold off.
    Got a wine stella for 300 off of craigslist and another bag for 400 from someone, thats the most I've paid but its a mighty mighty fine bag.