Best casual Hermes bag?

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  2. The Halzan would make a fantastic first Hermès handbag!
  3. I love the Jypsière.
  4. Bolide!!! I want one so bad! They are so chick and casual/dressy at the same time. I have an Evelyne and it is ok, but I kind of wish I had saved the money and put the funds towards a Bolide! I still do use my Evelyne so it will work for now! Those are my two “casual” favorites, though I know others may think the Bolide is too formal.
  5. IMG_1531336199.079412.jpg

    Like zeeesss?? I still vote for the Evelyne as a casual bag. IMG_1531336335.848685.jpg
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  7. My Evelyne is my go-to bag, almost daily. Didn’t use it much when I first bought it, but can’t imagine not having it now.
  8. Halzan....
  9. I prefer the Halzan over the Evelyne-I do not like the suede inside of the Evelyne, but I have tactile issues, lol! The Halzan has a leather interior, which I like better.
  10. I love my Evelynes. Like others stated, it's a great go to back and lets you be hands free and it's easy to get in and out of. I started using Evelynes when I had my daughter and needed something more casual and hands free. It's gotten me through Disney and other adventures like the zoo, SeaWorld and safari park. It also comes in so many colors and the leather is very durable. If you're looking for something very durable go with a darker color. Good luck in deciding.
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  11. I vote for Halzan. Love all the pockets and can be casual or good for a work bag.
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  12. I think it really does depend on how one dresses. I had a vintage herbag as casual bag and it worked really well for me. A plume is super casual. I now use a Kelly pretty casually and that also works. What do you think of the silk bags?
  13. I would second those who mentioned Bolide. A mou Bolide in a neutral color would suit your need very well.

    Or a neutral tone retourne Kelly in 32cm or 35cm. I find both can be dressed really casually too. And when needed can go with formal dressing as well.

    Evelyne is a messenger style whereas Bolide and Kelly sacs are both top handle with a shoulder strap. Personally I find the latter much more versatile than a messenger style. Hope this helps.
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  14. I love my Evelyne and even take it on Colorado!! Worn crossbody.
  15. I live a casual lifestyle and I dress casually too. My two H bags are casual, over the shoulder bags. But they are both discontinued styles so you would need to go the second-hand route. I have a Trim II 35 in blue jean and a Marwari PM in etoupe.
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