Best casual Hermes bag?

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  1. The Evelyne in Clemence is my go-to bag. I adore the wide canvas strap and the big back pocket (so good for tissues and other little things I frequently reach for). It’s been pretty good in the rain (esp dark colors). I love how it can fit a lot but things are within easy reach. It CAN get heavy if you load it up. For errands and things, a TPM Evelyne has been amazing! I can fit a well-stuffed card case, an iPhone X, lip balm, small hand sanitizer..and even a small container of water! Because of the small size, it’s impossible for the bag to get too heavy and is a relief to carry on super hot days.
  2. Yaaaass!!! Gosh you have the best collection!! Either one, but now I’m more convinced I need to add a Bolide.
  3. I wouldn’t say the best, I just make sure I have my bases covered lol. The bolide is a fantastic bag, and goes nicely with your new Bs!
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  4. I vote for the Halzan, more secure than Evelyne and can be dressed up when needed. It's more versatile and stylish IMHO.
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  5. Berline is a great casual bag. The Halzan is too but I find the strap of the Halzan to be too narrow for cross body. It will probably be good to go to a store and try them on then decide
  6. I don’t have an Evelyn like so many so for me casual means mini barenia Halzan or Picotin 18. I think a shoulder bag speaks sporty and casual and if you don’t want to invest much and don’t need versality (I carry my mini halzan in 4 different ways) but love colour then the Evelyn is great. They come in many colours. It’s easy to buy an additional strap that changes the look.

    The Evelyne is easy access (open bag) but if you need one that can be closed the halzan is better. The strap is thinner in my mini but it has never been an issue because of the size of my bag. If you carry much then a wider strap is definitely better for the shoulder

    You mentioned Jypsiere, I’ve never handled it but some people find the opening and closing a hazzle. Personally I would buy a retourne K instead.

    Hope you find the perfect bag for you and in a nice colour. Both Halzans and Evies come in delicious colours. The leather offerings might be different so if I was you I would examine what kind of leather would meet my requirements (more water resistant, feeling of the leather and how scratch resistant the leather needs to be).
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  7. I have two Jypsieres that I use most in the cooler months (black and blue nuit) and then two Evelyn’s that I use mostly in the summer (GA and a red whose name escapes me.) When in doubt I reach for my gold Halzan. Guess I am no help at all unless you are looking to be enabled into buying more than one bag :smile:
  8. So much depends on what you mean by 'casual'.
    Constances, Kelly's and all the clutches would never be considered casual.
    Bolides, Halzans and Plumes can straddle the formal/casual divide quite comfortably.
    All the rest (yes, Birkins, Jypsieres, Berlines) are by nature more casual than formal. That does not mean that they will not work more formally, but that is not their main design intention.
  9. You are all super helpful! I'm now off to research more bags. Thank you so much for your ideas!
  10. I think retourne Kellys are more casual, depending on color, size and the degree of slouch, IE the K35 and K40. The 28 and 32 could be seen as more formal even if retourne due to size. As for the Birkin, I think they can be formal, but that is color dependent, such as black, graphite, etain...basically the neutral tones and navy.

    Not a rebuttal, but just an opinion
  11. I have a gold Evie that I love and I'm seriously thinking about a Berline
  12. Another Halzan fan! My favorite casual H bag.
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  13. It depends what you mean by "casual", but for actual running around, doing errands, and a bag that I have taken hiking...that's the Evelyne. Gold might be a good color to start with as it goes with everything but is still an interesting color, however Hermès does great colors that can serve as neutrals, like Raisin, Bordeaux, and many of the blues and greens.

    The Halzan is also a great casual bag, more expensive, I personally would not take it hiking, etc. - but can convert to more work/going out appropriate.

    In discontinued bags the Massai and Trim II are fantastic and can be found at reasonable prices. The Christine is underrated IMO and I've never carried a Gao but many love them.
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    As others how stated, it all depends upon what you mean by "casual". For me, it relates to lifestyle in terms of worry-free carrying and coordination with my warm weather, casual wardrobe.

    Color and leather play an important role. For example, my kelly is retourne in RC clemence. This means that I don't worry about rain, the bag getting bumped and scratched and I can change the look with differing straps enabling me to wear cross-body. I have a red and white striped canvas strap that is adjustable that gives the bag a really sporty look. The kelly is not an easy access bag, however.

    My B30 is togo/etoupe. Again, a relatively fuss-free leather and a color that can go as easily with shorts and jeans as with a summer dress. Super easy in terms of accessibility. Lacks versatility in carrying options.

    I've worn these bags to Home Depot, grocery store, etc.

    The thing is, these bags aren't just sitting on the shelf waiting to be adopted.

    I suggest beginning your H journey with a vintage bag in a color/leather combination that will address your priorities regarding versatility (cross-body, shoulder, hand carry options) and ease of access.

    I addition to the Kelly, the Bolide can be paired with varying straps. The trim and vespa (I don't have either) appear to provide ease of access.

    Perhaps also consider the Garden Party for a tote.

    Good luck with your search!