Best casual Hermes bag?

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  1. I'm looking to take the Hermes plunge but am not sure what bag is the best option. I live a very casual lifestyle - my Chanel flap bags stay on the shelf and I reach most often for my Celine nano belt bag. I was thinking a Jypsiere but would love any input!
  2. I see many gals with the Evelyn..
    What color & what leather would be of interest to you?
    If you have an H boutique nearby, you could go for a look see to view other styles that may have appeal to you
  3. I also live a very casual lifestyle and love my Evelyns.
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  4. I tend towards taupes/grays/blacks so I'd love to venture into a color. What color in particular I don't know. I tend to know it when I see it. I do have a boutique around the corner that I was planning on stopping into but I didn't want to look like a complete fool!
  5. Thanks! Based on your name, I think we live in the same place so I'll take a look at the Evelyn
  6. How funny! Based on your name, I'm guessing we like the same things :smile: I'm all about "boots and bags" I have two Evelyn's. Black and Blue Atoll. Love them both very much.
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  7. Just go in & enjoy.. The SA's can be very helpful in editing so you will get the bag that would be
    most functional for your lifestyle & needs
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  8. Either Halzan or Evelyn, both have shoulder and cross body option. Ask the SA to show you how to convert an Evelyn to a shoulder bag with a twilly.
    Have fun!
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  10. The Evelyne. I have 3 and might buy one more.
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  11. I recommend Halzan. Casual yet stylish!
  12. Evelyn’s for casual. Very easy to use
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  13. Love my taupe Evelyne
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  14. How different we all are! That's the reason I fell in love with the Evelyn. A horse brush bag just happens to be my dream bag lol!
  15. I love the Lindy 26 (those two outer and two inner pockets are so useful) and the Trim II with gusset, zipper, inner zip and inner open pocket. In fact, those two are the only H models I like and wear.