Banned from making too many returns? - Share your experiences!

  1. I often wonder about the same thing about being banned. I try to at least not return everything to one particular store so luckily I have 3 around me.
  2. I returned 2 pairs of jeans because the 3rd identical pair I'd bought had gone inti holes in a matter of weeks and they were $250 each!!!

    The merchant accepted them but refused to refund me so I had to get the credit card to get my money back.
  3. Which merchant was this?
  4. I work in retail and hate, hate, hate when people return clothing that reeks of cigarette smoke! Whenever someone does I always defect the items, because who wants to try on/buy items that smell like an ashtray?

    What I've found odd lately is the amount of people who are coming in for returns without a receipt. Losing your receipt for a few small items is understandable, but not holding on to your receipt for a television or a gaming system is a bit odd.
  5. Now that is what I call ridiculous.

    Too bad they weren't nice enough to donate it to GoodWill in the first place.
  6. My bf calls me returny returns a lot. Mostly for shoes. Sometimes u don't notice problems while in the store.
  7. I've heard of people who "only wear things once" but doesn't have the money to pay for them does buys-wears-return. People like this do deserved to be banned.:cool:
  8. I am exactly the same way -sometimes i don't notice that the shoe or piece of clothing doesn't look quite right.
  9. My brother says that I'm the queen of returns but in reality I don't actually return things that often, if I have my eye on something (usually a purse) I try to hold off as long as I can and won't return it unless it either goes on sale or I decide that I don't like it as much as I thought I did. I've seen many instances (especially at Kohls) where I guess people buy TONS of stuff and then wait for a coupon and then go return ALL the stuff to re-buy again with the coupon. Totally annoying!
  10. This is literally one of my fears. I experience terrible buyer's remorse ALL THE TIME.
  11. My mom has been returning almost $100 worth of clothes at Macys, Kohls and Ross for several years now. she also has the Macys card too. She still hasn't been banned from returns yet.

    She buys a bunch of clothes, keeps them for weeks, months and years, then returns them. My dad notices this and complains about it. My mom says "that's the fun of it." I am afraid she will get banned one day, since I like to return to those stores and buy clothes. But time will tell.
  12. Are you saying that your mom keeps the items, unworn, for long periods of time and then decides to return them? Or does she actually wear them and then return?
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    No, she keeps the clothes unworn with tags still attached. They just sit on her closet for a long period of time. Then she will tell me that she doesn't like the clothes anymore (or she won't wear them) and she returns it.

    She will never return clothes with the tags removed. I'm sure she's well aware of that.
  14. I know a lot of people that work in retail and I'm not saying all but most people that return without a receipt stole it! but most companies can now pull up your information if you charged it on a card.
  15. This worries me now that I've read this thread. I've never heard of banning a "return shopper" from a store until now. I online shop at Nieman Marcus ALL the time but 75% of what I purchase gets returned, due to sizing issues.