Banana Republic's crappy return policy

  1. I just wanted to vent:

    I bought a dress for $110 from BR on April 1st that I planned on wearing to a wedding, but ended up finding something else instead. I attempted to return it today and they only offered me a merchandise certificate for what it's worth right now ($87) because it was past 30 days.

    This kind of irked me because I used to work for Old Navy (they're owned by the same company) and you could return things within 90 days there, and even past those 90 days you could still return your items if you spoke to a manager. They even took things that were obviously worn!
    Plus I was sort of confused as to why they would give me merchandise certificate - you have to wait 10 days for those to come in the mail and in most cases they are used for returns that have no receipts, whereas in my situation I had the receipt, the tags were attached, and the dress was never worn. Kind of a PITA because they expect you to go home and wait for the merch certificate and then make another trip back to the store! They didn't even offer to put the amount on a gift card.

    I'm just very disappointed. The dress is on sale for $87 now, and I would have taken a loss if they could credit it back to my CC but they refused. I guess I have to respect their return policy, but I'm pretty sure managers can override the computer (they could w/ returns at Old Navy at least) and they chose not to. I certainly won't make any effort to shop there again!
  2. I work for BR so hopefully I can help!

    The policy changed and so did the system. The ONLY way to do a return > 30 days for is now is to process as a return without receipt and give a merch certificate. Even if it's +1 day, there is no way to override or change anything, unfortunately :sad:
  3. Gap Inc (BR/Gap/Old Navy) used to have one of the best return policies around. One summer I worked at the Gap during college. Those days management encouraged us to actually promote the "wear it for seven days" and if you are not satisfied bring it back for a full refund even if it is worn. Corporate wise they weren't doing so well (remember the short lived Forth & Towne) and perhaps that brought about these policies? I stopped shopping there for a while and the last time I went to a GAP things ending in $0.97 were final sale which was just shocking to me. They went from a super liberal policy to a seemingly unforgiving one :sad:
  4. I agree that their return policy stinks. i was one day over with an item at gapkids and they did the merch credit thing also, it was only $12 so no biggie. I told the SA that its still not fair to have such a short return period and she told me to write to Gap and tell them b/c she agreed 100% also, and she said to tell other people to write and complain. I would be really pissed in your situation too, that is alot of money.
  5. it does stink, however, Gap Inc. recently changed return policies and it's clearly stated on the receipts.
  6. agree with both things.... Every time I buy at Gap and BR recently they warn me of the new policy for returning
  7. Many retailers have tightened their return policies, it's not just Gap.
  8. ^^^I'm seeing this too. Winners in Canada (which is the same as TJMaxx for the US), used to have really great return policies. Now, you can only return with a receipt, and only within 10 days.
  9. and I think Nordstrom (who has the BEST return policy in the industry) will be following suit.
  10. Banana Republic changed their return policy (from 90 to 30 days) almost a year ago... and it is clearly stated on the receipt and inside the store, so I think it's a bit unfair to be mad at them for this. I was there the other day and some lady was trying to return something that she bought over 60 days ago b/c she was waiting for a smaller size to show up? Who knows. The manager told her they can't override it... I mean in her case even if they could, I don't think they should. I can understand maybe 31 days... but 60? Yeah right.

    And yeah Winners in Canada has a sh*tty return policy too. And Holt Renfrew!
  11. That sucks OP, sorry. But unfortunately more and more retailers are tightening their return policies as so many abuse them, which ruins it for others like you. I can't say that I blame them though, companies are just loosing so much money these days. I would be fine with a 30 day return policy, but It sucks you couldn't return especially as it's never been worn.
  12. Sorry oliam1, I know how you feel :sad:

    On Black Friday I bought a coat from BR because it was 60% off.

    Approximately 40 days later, having never actually worn the coat (it's never that cold in CA), I checked the receipt and planned on returning it when I realized that the return policy was only 30 days. So I still have the coat. I have since worn it... once... at least it's a timeless wool trench I can wear forever.

    I returned stuff I got from Old Navy on Black Friday since the Old Navy return policy was still 90 days as of New Years. I agree that 30 days seems a little short.
  13. Yeah, I should have read the damn receipt! I rarely shop at BR though, I just went in there with a few friends and tried the dress on thinking I wouldn't find anything else I liked. It's still sitting in my closet and I'm debating whether I want store credit or not.
  14. i can understand store credit if you're returning the item after 30 days. but it sucks that they'll only give credit you the sale amount when you have the receipt. if you don't have the receipt, sure, there's no way of knowing if you bought it at the regular price or sale price. but if you have it, why not? you're going to spend the amount in their store anyway.

    that policy is too wishy-washy to me. either don't give a store credit after 30 days, or give a store credit for the amount the person can prove they bought the item for.
  15. Wow, what a change in policy !