Balenciaga sky blue City or LV Cabas Piano?

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  1. Not sure which one to get...I know they are totally different bags and I'm drawn to each for different reasons. For my taste, I currently have a sable Chloe Paddington, chocolate Chloe Silverado, and a YSL Nadja flower bag in beige. May have a YSL Mombasa on the way also :love: I really don't have any classic type bags, I tend to like funky bags so not sure? I know the Cabas is elegant and classic, and I love that Angelina Jolie carries hers everywhere. But the City is calling to me too and I can only afford one :sad2:
  2. Tough decision, since I love Balenciaga bags, but I'm eyeing the Cabas Piano, as well. But, it seems like your style is a little more funky, and you might like the B-bag a lot more :biggrin:
  3. Angelina carries Mezzo, It is a great carry all bag that you'll likely wear alot. I don't know what the B-Bag looks like though.
  4. Actually she has both, lucky girl. The mezzo she uses all the time now but had carried the Piano. Here's a pic:


    The B-bag is ice blue, not sky blue. More of a white with a blue tinge. Not sure if it'll be too huge though! Here's a pic of it:


  5. I'd definitely go with the Balenciaga. LVs will always be available.
  6. i totally love Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, but at the moment i'd totally go for the Balenciaga bag! :smile:
  7. b bag!
  8. i love the b-bag in ice blue... but i thought it's from previous seasons - so where can you find one of these?

    agree with kat. you can get LV anytime but the ice blue b-bag is not always available. :smile:
    get that oneeeeeeeeeee...=)
  10. Hmmm...what do you want to use the bag for? I love my city bags and use them for leisure, going out, etc. I also have the Cabas Mezzo..I have to admit I use this one even is my everyday work bag (that still looks good if I "stop off" on the way home)...
  11. i :heart: the b-bag!
  12. Hmmm! I'd never seen her with Piano before, maybe pre-Zahara! Piano looks as small as it is, I rearely wear mine!! I love the B Bag actually, I like big bags though. If the color works for your wardrobe I'd get that.
  13. The LV is more of a classic bag, which may not be in line with your tastes, but I like it. But I am not a Balenciaga fan, either.
  14. Definitely LV! More long-term use (in the sense that it won't "go out of style")
  15. I love both. Had the Piano and was my most consistently used bag for a long time. Then got bored of it and gave it to my mum. But it's a really versatile bag for everyday use. I do love Balenciagas as well but the plus for me wrt the Cabas Piano is that it was a shoulder bag. So, if you could only chose one, I'd recommend the LV:smile: But only just, lol!