Balenciaga sky blue City or LV Cabas Piano?

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  1. love them both.. but currently i'm having balenciaga fever..;)
  2. If you own a lot of LV I would go with the other. The LV's will always be around. The Bbag won't in that same color/look. Which bag would you be most sad if you didn't have? Get that one!
  3. balenciaga!!
    i dont really like the shape of the piano :smile:
  4. I had the piano bag at one point and liked it a lot, and then grew bored and sold it! I also got tired of the monogram....I have 2 B bags and really love the lightweight factor, and the NO mono issue! I had a city but returned it as it was too large for me but I love the smaller bags!
  5. BBag. You can always get an LV. The bbag is so fun and lightweight and soft. It's just so much more interesting.
  6. Is it the sky blue or ice blue you're hesitating between? I'd say Balenciaga than LV but it's kinda biased because I love them s:huh:OO much!:love:
  7. sky blue city!!!! go get it!!! I have one and I love it!!!:nuts: :love:
  8. Oh,
    I would definetely be all over the ice blue Bbag! It is sooo pretty!
  9. hey K, what do you think of the ice blue hobo though?;)
  10. A sky blue City bag? HO-LEEE!!!! That would be SO beautiful!!! :love: :love: :love: (I vote for that one!!!)