BAL MOTO JACKET Pictures & Chat!

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  1. I like the fit of the 42, I will be able to wear a t.shirt and thin jumper for the winter; which is best for British weather. It is a more casual look than a really fitted jacket (which I also love), which suits my lifestyle. Your red jacket is a 42 also ?
  2. Congrats on your gorgeous jacket, you wear it very well, looking great! :tup: I'm between sizes and you may be too? I have a 40 for summer or when I for sure don't need to zip and a 42 for spring and fall, where I need to be able to layer.

    Does anyone have pics of a really broken in Cyclade jacket? Mine's still a little stiff but feels great nonetheless! :smile:
  3. Wow you look stunning... again! :yes:
  4. I don't live n France but may be able to help with the French, lmk! ;)
  5. Your cyclade looks fab on you, this is the smaller one of the two?
  6. Thank you :smile: Yes, it's the smaller one (40).
  7. Hi JDN. You know you said your navy was bigger than your other 2 jackets, I was wondering if you had measured them ?
  8. Spring was not great here in Paris, but perfect for Bal jackets !
    I would say I grab my Marine and my Ultraviolet/Eggplant equally, and a little less my black quilted. Maybe this ranking will change with Fall ;) !
  9. You can pm me :smile: !
  10. Gorgeous outfit Meg !
    I :heart: :heart: :heart: this jacket !!!! I want one:p !!!!
  11. My navy 42 measures

    S to S back: 16.5" (measured along the seam)
    15.5" (straight across between points of shoulders)
    A to A back: 19"
    A to A front: 18.5"

    I'm guessing from these measurements that a 40 quilted jacket would be too big, considering my 42 is not a snug fit on me.

    Has anyone got any measurements for other 38 quilted or a 40 ?

    I'm beginning to drive myself nuts, should be dog walking and horse riding on bank holiday not obsessing about a jacket that I don't even know if I can get
  12. I will check it out thanks Julie.
  13. You look fantastic in your jacket Lisa and it looks like a perfect fit to me. I think the quilted 40 would also be the right fit for you.
  14. From what I can see from the pic it looks like a good fit for you. Congrats on your new jacket. As far as the quilted go the sleeves are meant to be shorter it is the design.
  15. It may be a little loose around the waist but it fits your shoulders and that is the main area that it needs to fit. I don't think you could size down at least in the FW 2010 jacket which is what this is if I am correct. I have this in red and it is one of my tighter jackets because the leather is so thick. If you get another moto with thinner leather then I do think you might be able to size down. All that said I really love the way this fits you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.