BAL MOTO JACKET Pictures & Chat!

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  1. Hey twin! Yes...the FW 2010 leather on it is very chewy and soft...but it definitely "squeeks" and "crunches" when I move in it...guess it will quiet some when it is broken in! Thank you sooooo much for your help! It's not really tight though (hope it doesn't stretch any)...just right for layering.
  2. the miliaire is gorgeous...
  3. well, i guess if this is "stiff and bulky" now then after it is broken in it will be a puddle of leather! it already is super soft!
  4. Your jacket is gorg! Nice zips, the lead looks great with the black.

    I'm happy that you got the one day ship. super service!

  5. OMG I have like 5 + pages to catch up on and I will this evening. Until then wanted to post my 2010 Khaki that I wore this morning. It is a good irl color of the jacket and it is my only size 38 and fits me really well I can even zip, lol. LV I think that the reason that the lining comes up when you push your sleeves up is because the arms get tighter. I noticed that it did that on this jacket but not on my others but is a smaller size. Just a thought.
    003.JPG 007.JPG 010.JPG
  6. ^^hey Meg, are you starting a new trend here as being "military chic" ?
    Then you've scored major points!!
    Just don't think the actual military would have the budget for these motos, well yes, if they cut back on the artillery?:p
  7. :coolio: chic indeed!
  8. Ok, so kick me for the following (stupid) question...where do you guys hunt for your treasures? I really only know eBay and Bonanza...I've done a Google search for consignment stores but not much luck...any leads? TIA!
  9. wear it a lot and you will see the difference.
  10. Another great outfit, Meg:ps:
  11. Yes, it is from 2010, I purchased this jacket from eBay, not sure of the code though.
  12. I don't know how to multi quote so to

    H_addict, Baerlie, lisahopkins (by the way we are pretty much the same height, weight and size & your jacket looks gorgeous on you) & drati, thank you for your kind words.
  13. Awww thank you!!! My boyfriend has been featured in the NY Post, on Fox News, and in tons of other newspapers for his celebrity impressions. We are both actors and comedians, so it's what we do for a living in NYC LOL:graucho:
    Sorry, I know it's off topic....but check out this video from NY Post/ Fox News...
    If any of you girls want a prank phone call from Chris, let me know, you will get the special discount xoxo
  14. OMG you look amazing....LOVING this military look! That jacket fits you perfectly, and I love the color!:graucho:
  15. Tempete is from f/w 10, same season and same zippers as your black. And I think the look would be too similar to your black as it's a dark dark grey. And I don't think you're black one will stretch as it fits you so well. It will soften though and sit better and better with use.

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