BAL MOTO JACKET Pictures & Chat!

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  1. ok, fresh start! maybe I can try keeping up with this one now....
  2. Yay, new thread:smile:
    Been so cold here now that I haven't used my jackets for ages...hopefully I can start wearing them again in a month or two!
  3. Oh wow, that Ciel jacket in a different lighting is sososo pretty. :love:

    Thank you for the photo!
  4. Erica has the normal length jacket on her website now, but it is only in Marine.
  5. Me too! I miss it so much. It's just constantly too cold here :shucks:
  6. Lets pout together:pout::lol:
    I swear I'm gonna put on a thick sweater and scarf as soon as the temperatures go up a little, I need to use them soon again!
  7. good plan! I feel like it won't be warmer here till april, and then soon after it will be too warm!
  8. Whoa thread number 3? Is that possible?
  9. There's a ciel on eBay from Erica...starting bid is $599!
  10. ^^^wow! thats insane!
  11. ^I saw that and it put a little damper on my steal! Erica's ciel is a re-sale and was listed at a higher price right around the time I bought mine. My ciel was originally from Nordstrom's and must have made it to a dealer in a bundle where the seller found it missing tags and a hanger. While never worn it does have some slight faded patches. I understand this happens with Balenciaga light blues. None of that bothers me in the least. In fact my full price Beige is much dirtier and I haven't hesitated to throw it around. They just look more heavenly and broken in! Susie has a wonderful cleaner that she swears will get out most stuff and I believe her since she's used it on her own jackets. Life is too short for stress to rule.

    Meanwhile I must thank all you girlfriends for your taking the time to post your encouragement. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you all! - Brunettetiger (you must get one of your own!) , Pilatesworks, purseinsanity, Baerlie, Kai Lien, flower71, crazyaboutbags, Amaryllix and mntncat!!!

    I now have an insane collection of Bal moto jackets that doesn't include any black, grey or brown??? Sounds like I need a fourth - don't you think?

    Susie wouldn't let me take any pics of her while she was here since she forgot to pack her curling iron. (I'm getting you back!) So I'll post another one of my own. First pic of the new page!
  12. You truly look stunning Diva!
  13. I agree! It's an absolute perfect color for you.

    You def need a fourth! :graucho:
  14. divnanataI like all your pictures! you look fantastic in your ciel. congratulations:flowers:

    since the temperature here hangs around mid 30F I couldn't resist and took my black leather beauty out for a walk, I zipped it up all the way :graucho: and top it with a huge scarf. Heaven:cloud9:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.