Back to School! What are your courses for Spring 2009 Semester?

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  1. #1 Jan 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    School is back in session! Share what year you are, your major(s)/minor(s) and the courses you are taking!

    Good luck with the semester!
  2. I'm a senior majoring in Internal Business with a minor in English Writing and Rhetoric!!!! I'm graduating this summer!!!!

    These are my courses:

    International Marketing
    Technical and Business Writing
    Current Theories in Rhetoric and Composition
    Mexican-American Cultural Experience
    Capstone- course specific to our university which requires a 30 page research paper, presentation, interviews, etc that is a required to graduate

    And usually I love school but I'm NOT looking foward to this semester! It's a crapload of coursework and I'm taking 18 hours and working 4 jobs! Also, I'm applying to law schools

    someone save me!
  3. ^^ Wishing you all the best with your last semester of college, Melanie. I graduated with one of my majors in Int'l Business and the associated minor in Area Studies (emphasis in Europe). The second major was in Mission Information Systems (MIS). My last semester was the hardest and I spent so much time studying that I actually didn't work at all that semester but pulled off nearly all straights As though.
  4. Computer Science major, Management and Organization minor. Im taking Statistics, Physics II, I believe data structures, Spanish 102.
  5. Business Administration! Im taking Accounting 2302 and US History 1302 this semester. I start on Monday! :smile:

    I started late in life going back to school....but at least I went back, right? :smile:
  6. I'm a sophomore, still undecided on my major; originally a business major but I wanted to try something new this quarter:

    Intro to Law, Societies, and Justices - Main focus is on immigration.
    Intro to American Polictics - This class is going to be the death of me... I have like seven reading assignments every other day :cursing:
    Intro to Communications - Focusing on mass media
  7. Yay, none!
    I finished up in December, just waiting for graduation in May now. :yahoo:

    Good luck to everyone else this semester though!
  8. Too many classes...I'm trying to graduate this semester. I don't know what I'm thinking.

    Fundamental Public Speaking
    Political Theory Seminar
    Math Methods for Business
    Business Law I
    Managing Urban Administratin
    Accounting I
    Business Communications
  9. i'm in grad school - only 6 classes to go!

    First eight weeks = Org Theory and Design
    Second eight weeks - Financial Decision Making for Managers
  10. ^^^'re preaching to the choir..i've taken 18 hours every undergrad semester! I wish they would let me take 21 but they cap it at 18

    those are some pretty heavy courses....i've taken business law, accounting, and busi communications
  11. Grad school - taking micro/macro economics, business law, and my thesis course. Then I'm done!

    I'm getting MBA - can't wait. No more school again...
  12. Major: Science / Minor: ESL

    Physics in the Elementary School Classroom
    Fundamentals of the American Child
  13. #13 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Writing for Broadcast & Film
    Public Relations Writing
    Communications Law
    Hist & Ph Amer Mass Comm
    Bus/Professional Ethics
    Computer Science

    this semester is going to kill me!!!
  14. wow! :nuts: good for you, though. I don't know why but my school's max credits is 16 hrs a semester. I have to petition to be able to take 18 and I think it's stupid.
  15. I'm in grad school for my Master's in Finance, and this semester I'm taking...
    - Securities Analysis
    - Portfolio Management
    - Financial Futures and Fixed Income Investments
    - Financial Risk Management