B. Makowsky bags are not a wise choice

  1. I have passed over these bags a million times but recently saw the Montague Double Zip Satchel in Mahoghany with rosegold hardware and fell in love. The leather smells wonderful and feels so soft and high quality. And I LOVE the hardware which is not at all excessive and is light to carry. The color is such a fall staple and yet so many manufacturers have almost summer colors in their fall/winter lines but I digress...

    There is, however, a part of the bag that looks like it is coming unglued and the thread is pulling. Dillards did not have another one. However, I found it on Endless.com for same price $180 (but no tax) and ordered from them. Same exact problem AND one of the zippers is sticking and it did not do that on the Dillards bag. I am not going to take a chance on another after this and figure even though it looks nice, the quality and workmanship is not there. If I paid $90 for the bag, I would chance it but for $180 and that is 30% off already I think this is unacceptable.

    I am totally bummed though because I really liked it and was excited to carry it.
  2. I have one and I have had it for a few years now. I haven't had a problem with it, but then again it isn't one of my favorites. I don't use it that often. I am sure if I used it more than I do I would have a problem too.
  3. I love B. Makowsky bags actually. They have always held up well for me and I've not had any problems. I would definitely buy more of them.

    AND, it helps that I find a lot of them at TJ Maxx and such, so they are cheap! :p
  4. They have a lot now at my TJ Maxx. I considered asking for my VDay present to be a smaller one in a pretty blue.

    I love that kind of leather (not having known it for more than a minute). I sometimes craft with deerskin and it reminds me of the best of it. It can get scratches and has this antiquey, character-filled vibe. The one I kind of (still a little!! haha) want already had scratches from being on the floor, but hey I know what I'd be getting and it wouldn't drive me nuts. I like scratches as long as the bag is drum died (color is all the way through).

    But I have two problems, without even knowing about quality:

    1. The straps are mostly too long FOR ME (I like either a hobo or shortISH for double handles). IMHO these are QVC-woman bags, almost exclusively. Those women somehow end up happy and seem to keep him in thriving business. (Someone call them on air! Haha, I doubt that'd work. :p )
    2. EVERY time I've felt one at Macy's, they were not soft at all! Then when I touched them at TJM most of them were incredible. Hmmmm. It's just weird!

    The design part I do like is all the custom hardware. I always appreciate it on QVC. I don't follow Hayden-Harnett that closely, sadly, so I don't know if the hardware rips off as well. I hope not - Bruce is always bragging about how custom it is on QVC. (Sometimes I watch.)

    Well, I have my new COACH Kristin addiction for unique hardware now! OMG I can't wait to get a Spring one. LOVE the upgrade to the clasps!!! :drool: ... But anyway...
  5. When Michael Kors first appear in the stores it ended up in discount store at such a low price I could not believe it. I bought his first bag for 50 dollars which was a copy of popular Celine bag (with his logo on it). I bought a wallet for the same price which hold pretty well. And Astor was like 100 dollars around that time. When Michael Kors become popular not so many bags of his ended up in discount stores and price is definitely higher now. i saw Astor in Costco at it is $240. I still like the quality of his but not so much design.
  6. I have owned two B. Makowsky bags & had no quality issues whatsoever. For the sale price I paid at Dillards, they held up very well one of them I sold on eBay and the other one I gave to Goodwill. So they weren't "forever" bags but for $50 dollars got my use and more.
  7. That is very sad to know.I own a Makowsky bag, in light blue. It has two years and it is still in very good condition, despite light blue is a very difficult color to take care of. The leather is so soft, as beautiful in quality as some Guccis i have, and, the Mak gets more complements than the G..., but i agree, the Makowsky company MUST be responsible of their products and have a better customer service..
  8. It's sad to read about a company that shows little concern for customer service (though also sadly, that trend isn't rare--just try reaching your cable TV company...) but it seems that since the first posting, some things have improved. Doesn't help the gal who had to go through it though, and, yes, that's how companies lose customers because word of mouth has power.

    I own a couple Makowskys, love them, have had no problems but then I work at home and my bags are--for the most part--my weekend out-to-dinner things. Hence their wear is less than someone who uses them daily. I also didn't pay oodles for them, and will factor that in if/when they ever have issues.

    That being said, a number of people on the forums raised questions about how a company could produce products of different quality.

    Very easily. I was raised in the textile manufacturing business outside NYC. My parents owed and operated a factory. We often created one line of linens for, say, Sears and a different line for, say, Lord & Taylor. Manufacturer's sales people go into the stores HQs with proposals for a line. If the store wants/needs it cheaper, then the manufacturer can suggest lesser quality fabric or hardware. It appears Isabella Fiore does so for QVC or HSN (forgive me--I don't remember which) and I think Botkier does a line for Target.

    Please understand that I have no knowledge that Makowsky does this. I'm only saying it's not an unusual practice in 'the rag business' as it's called. You create different lines with different price-points for different stores, and you do this by varying the quality of the components.

    This is no way excuses a company not standing behind its product. But it might help in understanding why handbag XYZ at Nordstrom looks the same but is different from handbag ZYX at TJ's.

    IMHO and IMHE. :smile:
  9. I was given a B.Makowsky bag for my latest birthday about a month ago. While I usually go for bigger bags, so far I have been enjoying it. It has been used in rotation with other bags (some non-designer and some Marc by Marc Jacobs) and so far has held up well. I will definitely keep in mind this thread if something does go wrong with it and what sounds like their lack of customer service.
  10. This was very interesting, and I appreciate your sharing. I learned something that I've often wondered about.
  11. I purchased my B.Makovski bag from QVC in 2010 and wore it only 3 months. The blue color turned kind of light blue - grey and the quality of the leather was very poor.
    I am done with this brand.
  12. I was between a B. Makowsky two tone leather satchel I saw on Marshalls and the Michael Kors Edie shoulder tote in peanut on Macy's.

    I ended up with the MK bag.
  13. I was checking out "nicer" bags on eBay. I came across many B. Makowsky bags listed and most of the preowned bags had "issues". This warned me to avoid that designer. My advice...check out preowned bags for sale to see if the lasting quality we desire is present.