Azur Speedy 25 or Batignolles Vertical?

  1. As you may have known, I've been waiting for the Azur Speedy 25 for a long time. Reading the post about someone regretting her purchase of her speedy 30 has reminded me of what a pain it is to lug my mono Speedy 30 around shopping. For those with both Speedy 25 and the 25 alot easier to carry shopping because its smaller, lighter, and less bulky? Or is it also very difficult to lug around shopping? I had said before, after I get my Azur 25, no more hand-held bags! I really like the way the Azur Speedy 25 looks, and would not get another bag in this line like the sayela.

    I also like the Batignolles Vertical and think it'd be a good shoulder bag. Anyone know if it holds as much as the speedy 30? The only bad thing about it is the lack of a zip closure because it rains alot where I am.

    The bags I already have are the fucshia baggy pm, monogram speedy 30, and the pomme d'amour roxbury drive.

  2. I personally love the look of Azur. :tender: What about Saleya PM or MM in Azur?
  3. I like the azur.
  4. Well if you really want the Azur, you should go for it!!! It's a lovely bag! Get the BV later on ;)
  5. I vote for Azur...
  6. I have never carried a speedy 30 - - only the 25. I do not find it heavy or bulky or difficult to carry. I just don't think it's as cumbersome as the 30. A shoulder bag definately has advantages but I love my handheld 25.
  7. I love my 25 too. I have never carried a 30, but I can def fit a lot in my 25 and I never had any problems with it being too heavy or bulky. Its a great size to wear w/ sweats going to the food store, or to use out for the night with nice jeans and heels.
  8. Bh!
  9. I'd get the azure speedy 25, I have a speedy 25 in mono and love it. I noticed you also have the denim baggy pm, I do too and everthing that fits in my denim baggy also fits in my speedy 25.
  10. i love my BV! the clip is not a prob with rain, the vachetta is... your stuff don't really get wet coz when it's tucked in your arm you pretty much close it kwim? :smile:

    am not much a fan of the damier azur but if you wear lots of light stuff i reckon it's a great piece for you.
  11. Mh, that's tough. I have the Azur 25 and the BV is on my list, too... You should get both ;) I also have a Mono Speedy 30, but the only Speedy that I use for loooong shopping days is my Denim - more practical than canvas IMO.
  12. I'm not worried about the vachetta getting wet, only the opening! I know it closes under your arm, but water will still get in, unlike with a zipper.
  13. i have a BH and i'm using it as a schoolbag. i don't really have a problem with rain. my azur speedy 25 is on its way! but someone told me they have the BV and she said it's very difficult to find stuff in her bag because it's so deep -- she says she's always digging. if you were to get one i'd say the Bregular (the smaller version) but my vote is for the azur speedy! :love:
  14. Azure speedy...especially for the Rain:yes:
  15. I vote for BV