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  1. I'm just asking - not being accusatory - but - are you sure they have the right address to respond to? Also - they may be away on weekends - just a thought -
  2. I would like to point out that your document was sent to you on Thursday - and therefore if you haven't received it - there is clearly an issue with the mail server - and I have checked this - it has definitely gone.

    We have been offline due to a system issue, and we are currently dealing with some sellers who are forging our documents in an effort to sell fake items. This is a legal matter and is ongoing. The phone number on our website is 'off' at present, as one of those is using our phone number in their forged documents.
  3. I have received all the other emails but the document ...
  4. Thank you for your reply and email. Could you please refer to my reply email and resend. Thank you.
  5. Is it possible that your mail server or your security settings are filtering out emails with attachments?
  6. Does this mean that you are not currently accepting new authentication requests?
  7. I just received the document! There has been some computer problems there last week so it was resent today. Lesley was very kind when I spoke to her on the phone. I did feel strange that this happen to me when Authenticate4u have such good reveiws and reputation. Just unlucky :sad:. Thank you Authenticate4u again!
  8. I sent a request yesterday afternoon to have a Gucci purse authenticated, does anyone know how long it takes to get results?

  9. When I had an item authenticated, I paid one day, immediately received confirmation of the order (dated the next day because they are UK-based) and received my authenticated hours later.

    It could take a bit longer depending on the availablility of the authenticator. A4U has multiple brand specialists so it could take time for the authenticator to do the job.

    But from what I've seen, it's usually within 24 hours.

    (Keep in mind that you are 8 hours behind the UK so if you send a request in the middle of their night, they might not see it until hours later.)
  10. Thanks BB! Not that I'm in a rush but I'd want to make sure the average lead time before I start worrying. Lol.
  11. I think it takes longer if you ordered the full report (instead of just the "yes or no" for $7.50).
  12. I'm waiting to hear back on a BV bag.. It could take a day or so..

    If you don't hear back in a few days, just e-mail to make sure she received
    the request..
  13. Ordered just a "yes or no." How much is a full report, didn't look into it. And is a full report advisable for all items or just certain items like an Hermes or something on that level?

  14. Sometimes PP, ebay or c.c. companies will want the "long form" for a dispute.

    But if you're the seller wanting to give reassurance to a buyer, you only need the short (cheaper) version to state in the listing that it was professionally authenticated. And if you're a potential buyer who wants to verify prior to purchase that it's authentic, you can post here or the ebay boards for free advice or you can pay for the short form and get a professional authentication.

    As a potential buyer, IMO, it's not necessary to pay for an authentication prior to purchase. Get a free opinion here. Then, if you buy and think you received a fake or if you want confirmation that you received the same item as listed, you can have it done professionally.
  15. Got it. Thanks! Yeah, it's more for selling. It's the only item I don't have 100% confidence in. I bought it at a discount boutique in San Francisco years ago. The store seems legit, I mean they're still around but I just found out recently that I might have bought a fake Manolos from them. Lol. I never really paid attention plus like I said the store took pride in selling designer brands for super cheap, not because they're fake. I don't know. If this Gucci purse turns out to be a fake, I'm gonna have to contact the store & ask "what's up with that?"
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