Authenticate This Moncler

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  1. Can the producer of the fake jackets just copy a set of 12 digits from an authentic jacket?
  2. I'm sure they do! They do the same with bags too
  3. To late, but it looks good.
  4. thank you anyways
  5. Hello, I bought a Moncler Bady in blue on Should it have a certilogo? Since when do Moncler jackets have the certilogo? And the main question: since when has been the modell Bady produced? 2009? Or is it an older modell? Thank you in advance, kind regards.
  6. Hello, yes it should have a certilogo. There are more Moncler info and an authentication thread in the Wardrobe here

    Good luck.
  7. does anyone know what the largest size the COACH Carly comes in?
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    I think that there is a specific thread for clothes...
  9. Hi, Moncler should have a CLG code that can be checked at but I can't see any in the ebay listing. I'm no expert on this though.

    You could also ask here:

    Hope it helps.
  10. Thanks for your input and I wish Certilogo was found on all Moncler items but Moncler had only adopted the system starting spring 2009. The style depicted in this jacket was claimed to come from fall/winter 2008.