Authenticate This Moncler

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  1. Sorry for the dark and crappy pics. It's the best I can do with my camera and this light!
  2. anyone?
  3. Fake ;)
  4. Hi, is there anything off that make you think it's a fake? TIA
  5. Hey Everyone! just wanted to let you all know that Moncler IS using an authentication program called Certilogo. Everything Moncler from their 2008 line onwards has a Certicode which is a 12 digit number that is woven into the lable of the clothing items. The code can be plugged into the website where you can verify its authenticity... always ask the retailer for this code before you buy so you protect yourselves from fakes..

    check out and watch this video for more info

    Merry christmas :smile:
  6. Hi there,

    I am a free-lance web marketing assistant. My job is to help protect the brands that work with Certilogo by raising awareness about the company and its services. If the sweater in question is post-2008 then yes- there should be a 12 digit code on the label... if not, it is a fake...
  7. Can the producer of the fake jackets just copy a set of 12 digits from an authentic jacket?
  8. I'm sure they do! They do the same with bags too