Authenticate This Bottega Veneta #3 - use proper format shown in post #1

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  1. LT bag lady - i think you are right, there are details i don't like and don't match my cabat, but none of the pix show the specific details we like to see. if anyone is truly interested in these bags they need to ask for more of the pix we look for as listed here
  2. I do not like this one, either, but as doloresmia suggested we need better pics of the back of the autheticity tag for one. There are a lot of counterfeits that show up from Eastern Europe and surface in Germany... not saying that every bag from Germany is, but I am more cautious when examining those.
  3. i found another identical bag (like #61) in this auction:
    Item Name: 100% Original Bottega Veneta Travel Tasche Chocolate
    Item Number: 150400401796
    Seller ID: dtbgmbh

    Comments: same pics, different pics order, another city - one and the same person?
    any photographer has individual style, but this person sells at times this style of bag and sloane fakes on german eBay. all her sloane counterfeits are with wrong authencity tag (edge, texture and code are not correct), so i shouldn't be at all surprised if the details from this bag are incorrect (for example: clean cut edge around the authencity tag is clearly recognizable). i'm curious about your opinion.
  4. It's interesting that you found the same (?) bag and photos by a supposedly different seller. The dust bag doesn't even look right. So are there multiple seller names for the same person, or did another seller steal photos? (of a possibly fake bag)
  5. This one does not look authentic to me just based on the pictures provided. I would not touch it. And with your additional information, I definitely would not touch it!!! I do not necessarily try to connect the dots, just try to evaluate whether the pictures of the bag suggest that it is authentic or not. As I said earlier, there is a good deal of counterfeits produced in Eastern Europe, and German markets seem to carry many of them.
  6. Seller should have included a clear photo of the font.

    The other detail I noticed is a discrepancy between the authenticity tag numbers and the information in the description. Seller says the bag is Ebano color and provides a style/leather/color code for Ebano. But the photo of the tag shows a different color code. Anyone serious about this bag would need to have the seller clear up the confusion between the two color codes.
  7. It looks good from the pictures posted, BUT we need a clear, close-up picture of the imprinted nameprint, the zipper pull (interior zipper pocket) and the back of the zipper slide.

    The Sloane does not have a cell phone compartment. I don't believe BV made the Sloane in Ebano ever, they did make Moro but was 2007...(i think). There are many conflicts in the listing, I would stay clear until the seller addresses these.
  9. hi bonelda, i am not familiar with the older bags, but you might want to ask for pix as requested here

    do a search on the seller. i believe this ebay seller has been discussed before on the H authenticity thread. always good to know other's experiences.
  10. hi, we really need more and better pictures as described here.
  11. Hi - Could you tell me how to do a search on the seller as you advised in post #73. I've never done that before. Are you saying you can't authenticate because there aren't enough pictures, or because you aren't familiar with the older bags? If the latter is the case, could someone else take a look at it? Thanks.
  12. The color is moro. You should ask for pics of the interior to see if there actually is a cell phone compartment.
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