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  1. As of 3 o'clock yesterday, SF Barneys still have couple of MJ and MBMJ on sale left.. unfortunately, i didn't get to pull my notepad :p so I might've miss somethings..

    1 Mercer Cole tote in Ivory
    2 Black Lovestory Clutch
    1 Blue ZC (with nickel hardware)
    1 Red ZC (with gold hardware)
    1 Blue keypouch
    2 Plum keypouches
    1 Andy tote in beige
    2 Huge hillier hobo in violet
    1 Dr. groove in violet
    Airliner Clutch (Blue, White, Green - one of each)
    Dr Q City tote (can't remember what color)
    2 Dr. Q small zippy wallet in indigo
  2. Woah Baby!
    Beige Alyona with Python Trim
    BIN 799
  3. as of this afternoon Saks Phoenix, AZ have red patent alyona, lilac jen satchel ($446ish), red and black multi pockets but with pockets in the front (i'm not sure what is the style called i think it's angela), a lot of palais royal flat case (raspberry, black, etc), RObert Leslie in brown and a very beautiful bag in quilted purple with belt in the front similar to bruna but more retangular and has 3 compartments like the blake , and some more. Everything is already 40% off. Starting tomorrow there is additional 30% off the reduced price. I presaled the lilac jen satchel, comes down to $312
  4. Additional 25% off sale items at Neiman Marcus - online discount now, and in stores tomorrow.

    I was at the Fort Worth location today and there were tons of MbMJ clothing and a number of MJ bags as well. I remember that Stams were $675 after discount, and there was one cream (not sure of the real color name, sorry) quilted ZC for $225.