Authentic Marc Jacobs Sales/Finds Thread - No Chatting Please!

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    New thread, new rules:

    This thread is for posting all authentic Marc Jacobs finds. Post links and/or pictures of great AUTHENTIC finds on eBay, Bonanzle, online consignment shops, etc. Please also use this thread for sales posts from Bloomingdales, Saks, bags you spot at the outlets, etc.

    • You may NOT post links to or promote items you're selling.
    • If you're uncertain about authenticity - please post in the Authenticate This MJ thread FIRST.
    • For auction-style listings, please continue to post only those that end within 48 hours (exceptions are for those with BINs).
    • Please do a quick review of previous posts to avoid multiple posts of the same item. Duplicate items will be deleted.
    • No chat please, it will be deleted.
    Please PM me with any questions!!!

    Previous threads (in case you were bidding/watching something from it):
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    post only those auctions that are ending within 24 hours OR have a Buy It Now.
  5. I just posted a reminder to not post auctions that have more than 24 hours without a BIN.
    This rule is in place to prevent repeat posts of the same auction; people subscribe to these threads and get e-mail alerts when a new deal is posted. It's very frustrating to get an e-mail with the same bag over and over.