Authentic Marc Jacobs Sales/Finds Thread - No Chatting Please!

  1. I didn't see this posted. Yesterday, I was at Nordstrom, Montgomery Mall, Bethsda, MD and they were marking down sale bags to 60% off. I saw some of the metallic bags with the studs across the top, a faux snakeskin stam in a blue/grey color and a mini cecelia in the same color as the stam. They may have other MJ on sale, but I was trying to be good so I didn't look for long. You may want to check your local Nordie's to see if they've started the second markdown.
    50% off
    items moving fast
  3. SCP Nordies had some fuscia colored stams, a yellow christina, lots of key pouches, and zip clutches, mercers, etc for 60% off
  4. Softee, remember the ZC colors on sale?
  5. Potomac Mills, VA last call and Saks had several MJ bags on sale. Unfortunatly I do not know the names, but, in saks they were all black in color, and leather, (and ranged from $800-1000) and in Last Call, they had a few different colored bags, green, purple, black, and most only had leather straps, the bags themselves weren't leather. Sorry I'm not any more help.
  6. Neiman's Beverly Hills has a large selection of MJ handbags on sale with an additional 25% discount. They're dispersed throughout several locals in the handbag section.
  7. I just decided to return a quilted metallic fuchsia zc (found a purple one I liked better) and a black Mercer satchel (handle wasn't quite long enough for me, but does fit under the arm) to the Nordies at Pentagon City at COB. They're now marked down to 60% off. The SA was Shalia, 703-415-1121 x1250. Hope that helps someone! :smile: