Asians & Hermes

  1. Terri Kwan’s Daughter, it’s nice to have a daughter and u doll her up or when she IMG_8386.jpg IMG_8387.jpg IMG_8388.jpg IMG_8389.jpg IMG_8390.jpg grow up, can take over her H collection IMG_8385.jpg
  2. More pics of Terri Kwan’s Daughter, love H bag IMG_1536127387.702036.jpg IMG_1536127398.505667.jpg IMG_1536127409.475551.jpg IMG_1536127420.880218.jpg
  3. Christine Fan Fan IMG_1536419948.304185.jpg
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  4. Ella Koon IMG_4023.jpg
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  5. Heart Evangelista
    8804C196-1DFA-4216-9A44-A42C0F1E1C3A.jpeg 701BE552-552F-4599-A89B-7268926DDC92.jpeg
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  6. Serena Chen Liu IMG_8545.jpg IMG_8546.jpg
  7. Serena Chen Liu IMG_4062.jpg
  8. Melody Kliu IMG_8624.jpg IMG_8625.jpg
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  9. 14EB7D64-21EC-4E39-AC49-BD1DD0E2CAD9.jpeg
  10. Ella Koon IMG_1537446325.653640.jpg
  11. Fish Leong IMG_8756.jpg
  12. Phyllis Quek IMG_4305.jpg
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  13. Fan Chiang’s bag collection IMG_4293.jpg
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  14. Fiona Xie IMG_1537984187.039496.jpg
  15. Melody Kliu IMG_8804.jpg