Asians & Hermes

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  1. Chryseis Tan with Kelly Danse
  2. Yen Yen Sun attending Piaget Event IMG_8852.jpg
  3. Karen Ng in Paris attending Hermes Fashion Week IMG_4345.jpg
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  4. Heart
    9E7EAC72-0348-4714-B022-3B9700F61E51.jpeg CDC7D790-B605-41FD-BADD-D3870449D728.jpeg
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  5. Jo Yeo-jeong
  6. Love that red Kelly
  7. Serena Chen Liu IMG_4390.jpg IMG_4391.jpg
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  8. Karen Ng IMG_8990.jpg IMG_8991.jpg IMG_8992.jpg IMG_1538832916.844576.jpg
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  9. Fish Leong IMG_4428.jpg
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  10. T
    The C24 looks very proportionate on Fish. I guess this size is perfect for anyone that is 5'4" or taller.
  11. If I'm not mistaken she's around 5'1", I have seen her in person and she's really petite. Without her Balenciaga sneakers, I believe the C24 might look overwhelming on her.
  12. Cyndi Wang IMG_9078.jpg
  13. JJ Lin
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  14. Yen Yen Sun IMG_9077.jpg
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  15. Christine Fan IMG_4434.jpg IMG_4435.jpg IMG_4436.jpg