Asian women & their birkins

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  1. Hello IFFAH, I'm Asian too! :smile: Which country are you from ?
  2. Singapore. What about you?
  3. Me too! What a small world! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. I have this burning question to it much more easier to order a birkin in Dubai?? I don't Dubai women carry birkins??

    By the way, anyone have pics of Japanese women with their birkins?? I love Japan!!!!
  5. IFFAH, I found a pic in one of my jap mags...I have absolutely no idea who she is but my guess is she's Korean :lol: There is a pic of that very famous Korean actor Bae Yong Jun(sp?) on the same page so I think it's a feature on Korean stars :smile: Pretty close to Japanese? :biggrin:

    Here's the pic! :amuse:

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  6. I love this thread:love: I live in the middle east and sadly we only have one Hermés store here. There are a lot of very wealthy people living in this region so I wasn't suprised to be told that the list for Kellys and Birkins where closed. Even the waiting list for a simple Kelly was 1,5 year and the list was closed:blink:

    I am also asian and last time me and my husband visited Japan I saw quite a few Birkin. The Hermés store in Ginza is incredible and the service is superb! I saw a crocodile Kelly sitting on the shelf waiting for me to buy it:P
  7. Seems like everywhere in the's hard to get a birkin. By the way......did you buy the crocodile kelly?? What colour is it?? :idea:
  8. Thanks gigi leung. Wow......I'm drooling at her green croc birkin. I love yummy colour birkins. :lol:
  9.'re from Singapore??? It's indeed a small world. Where do you buy your kellys and birkins?? Is it at the Hermes boutique at Ngee Ann City or Liat Towers?? Me......I always shop at Liat Towers. My SA is a Malay lady. She's so nice including the Hermes' staff at Liat Towers. They are so kind and caring. Totally do not agree with a newspaper report at URBAN saying the sales staff are rude and treat you based on the way you dress. Sometimes...I just come in with my skinny jeans and flats and yet.....I still receive excellent treatments. :amuse:
  10. To all my Asian friends here,
    I am not Asian, but I do have a few amazing Asian friends. They all have kind hearts, intelligent, and truly amazing taste. Which leads me to something I wanted to share...
    I read an article that many designers of handbags (mid to higher end) introduce certain handbags in Asia first (like a test run) to see how the women respond there to them. If they do well then they will most likely introduce them stateside. This actually lets the designers know if a handbag will have an amazing runa dnwhat they should expect. I found this to be very intersting and quite complimentary to all of you. I think it speaks volume on how you all as a nation are viewed and of course, how your buying power is valued.
    I am so glad to have met all of you here.
  11. yeah..sometimes when I'm at Hilton or Hyatt Hotel & I see these middle-east women at the reception with their croc birkins..they must have very very rich husbands! :biggrin:
  12. Thank you KB! :amuse:

    It is indeed wonderful that internet can bring purse lovers all over the world to "meet" & share our love for bags & Hermes!

    Sometimes I feel like I'm in a cafe talking to girlfriends when I'm at Purse Forum! :lol: especially so when I have a mug of coffee by my side...:smile:
  13. Thank you Kellybag. I didn't know how important Asian women here are to designers coz' all this while....I thought designers prioritise more on women from other countries. I mean when I go to designer boutiques in Europe and USA, there's more hard to get which is difficult to get in Singapore. Hong Kong is also another great place for me to buy designer bags. In far.....the Hermes boutique here only stocks up one or two birkins not like in Europe. Those birkins are not even my choice.
  14. There're definitely a lot of rich guys in the middle east. ;) Middle east women are quite big spenders. From what I read.....they can spend up to US$50, 000 at one go. Wow.......wish I can spend like that at one go. :biggrin:
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