Asian women & their birkins

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  1. Hi....I'm an Asian. So far we've seen pics of hollywood celebs with their birkins. But I wanna see pics of Asian women or celebs with their birkins. Do you all girls have any??? :amuse:

    How many of you here from Asia?? :love:
  2. I AM!! attached some pic

    I personally got a Gold birkin and I love it!! But sadly, i wont be able to afford another birkin in the near future... if I can, I will choose a blue jeans or black birkin.

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  3. Thanks ChloeSS! I like the silver one and the small pink Kelly! It's nice to see these pics as it shows the proportion of the bag to the size of Asians.
  4. and more

    Mr Lau's assistant has so many birkin~ from what I seen, she has red / pale rose/ purple Croco Birkin already!

    and I really like cecilia cheung's Long Birkin

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  5. I think most of them a birkin 30, one of the purple birkin is a mini birkin!
  6. Wow..thanks ChloeSS. Love, love all the pics. By the way, who are all these Asian women. I recognise 2........Cecilia Cheung and Faye Wong. Are the rest sociliates?? Who's Mr Lau?? And is Cecilia's JPG birkin made from blue suede leather?? Seems like it is and I'l have to agree with looks gorgeous.

    But my most the purple croc birkin. So hot!!!!
  7. LOVEEE all that exotic skin going on....I am waiting to become an Asian woman with a birkin :lol:
  8. Most of the woman are Mr Lau's family ( the rich man in hk). a few photo is Mr Lau's assistant and she used BIRKIN!!

    another one is the openning of the Tsim Sha Tsui's SOGO which Mr Lau's family all attended and all used Birkin at that date.
  9. Cecilia one is Blue Jean's togo birkin.
  10. Oh yeah, the purple is a mini and not a Kelly! It's gorgeous! I might have to double my order at Hermes. What's the size of the mini Birkin? Is that the 25cm?
  11. I believe it is either 25 or 28 ( but I am not so expert on birkin ) ...

    From what I read from the magazine Mr Lau is the top top top Hermes VIP. so everytime when he go to europe, Hermes will reserved lots lots of birkin for him to purchase.. His ex wife used to have over 100 birkins!
  12. Me too. So far I've only got one birkin. I can't wait to buy more. Wish I was a that I could the choice of birkin that I want. :blink:
  13. How much is the mini birkin? I love it!
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  14. 100 birkins??? Oh my god!!!! Crazier still.......Hermes reserved birkins for him??? That's the good side of being filthy rich and befriending the Hermes CEO. So single girls.........looks like if you want the birkin of your choice and easily get a birkin.........marry a famous filthy rich men.

    [p.s. look out for the hunky ones......ooh lalala........:love: ]
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  15. Who is Mr. Lau??
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