Asian women & their birkins

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  1. The assistant manager at my local LV store told me that this year's fall/winter collection had a number of Asian models and that the clothes were geared towards Asian customers... Apparently LV does REALLY well in Asia. Which doesn't surprise me, Asian women seem to LOVE their purses!
  2. Thanks, I've got these written down! I can't wait to see the Peninsula, I wonder if it's as good as the Chicago one which I frequent for "mini vacations." :amuse:

    If I run across my Birkin in HK, I will buy it...haven't seen any Birkins in Chicago Hermes at all! Ever!
  3. I hope so too...

    I admire women who work hard & save up for their Birkin or Kelly...:amuse:
  4. There's the airport too. I'm always surprised to see bags there since they get SO much traffic. The best bet for finding good items would be to get there just before golden week. I would expect they would be more heavily stocked then, if at all possible.
  5. What's golden week?
  6. I'm liking the metallic ones and the white one where the woman is standing in line at the airport (I have no idea who she is or which Hermes it is).
  7. and why is he so filthy rich?
  8. It's the Japanese holiday season. It's in late April, early May. The cherry blossoms usually bloom that week and the country pretty much stops working and goes off on vacation - usually shopping :amuse: And often to nearby countries. I think there are four major holidays in that week's span.
  9. I've been to a few Hermes stores at airport duty-free and I only see Garden Partys or the canvas totes. Never any other leather bags :sad: I once asked an airport Hermes store SA & she told me that Hermes airport stores usually don't stock leather bags.

    In any case, I will still look whenever I'm at the airport duty-free! :biggrin:
  10. Wow that's amazing. :biggrin: Thanks for the info.
  11. Clanalois, these are the Hermes stores in HK...I've been to the Peninsula Hotel store and the one at Sogo. The one at Peninsula was where I saw a beautiful Caramel chevre Kelly which was gone the next day when I went back again! :nuts:

    You could probably spent a day visiting all the stores to check out the bags! I think it'll be fun to do just that! :smile:

    Hermes Hong Kong

    Sun Plaza Galleria Duty Free
    1/F, 8 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Tel. + 852 2302 6888
    Fax + 852 2375 3257

    Peninsula Hotel
    W12-14 Peninsula Hotel, Salesbury Road, Kowloon
    Tel. + 852 2368 6739
    Fax + 852 2367 2687

    The Galleria Shop
    G08/09 The Galleria, 9 Queen's Road Central
    Tel. + 852 2525 5900
    Fax + 852 2877 1748

    Pacific Place
    Level 3, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
    Tel. + 852 2522 6229
    Fax + 852 2552 9371

    G24, 555, Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
    Tel. + 852 2575 5424
    Fax + 852 2575 7244

    The Lee Gardens
    Shop 02-04, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
    Tel. + 852 2907 2974
    Fax + 852 2907 4897

    Hong Kong International Airport 6E164 Boutique
    6E164 Level 6 East Hall
    Passenger Terminal Building
    Tel. + 852 2261 0861
  12. I like to ask the same question as MOE, who is Mr. Lau?
  13. there are quite a lot pics of Japanese women in japanese fashion magazines such as VIVI, JJ, i buy em almost regularly, i'll scan some of the pics & post em as soon as i have time ;) !
    i love japan too, since the first time i read manga n watched anime..:smile:

    btw, cecilia cheung wasnt that skinny back then (in "fly me to polaris" she wasnt that bony),am i rite? imo she looks prettier that way..
  14. I am also asian and I have a gold birkin.
    I would love many more, but not probably not in the near future.

    Why are asian women sterotype to be purse fanatics?

    Speaking of Cecilia Cheung, has anybody seen "the promise"?
    I love Jang Dong Gung :smile:
  15. Thanks tan2! It'd be great to see more pics of Asian women or celebrities with their Hermes :smile:
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