As seen in In-Style...straps to keep jeans tucked in boots

  1. I agree- great idea. I never thought of it- and my jeans seem to ride up inside my boots all the time. :tup:
  2. where can i find them???
  3. Same here, i do that with all boots, just tuck jeans inside knee high socks!:smile:)
  4. This is a really good idea!! I would totally use them!
  5. I just ordered some of the clips.. they are only 3.99 so I got 4 pairs. I will give them as gifts. Since they are black, I am thinking to maybe take a paint pen and put polka dots on them or something.. cheesey I know but I want them to look girly and cute.
  6. So I have used the straps bought at a tack shop, but I too wanted something cuter so I purchased stiruppz. Not only are they super comfy, to the point where I forgot I had them on. They also had the best customer service which means the world to me!
  7. That's what I do, but it still kinda bunches up a bit when I stand. I'd love to find those straps too!
  8. I had to tell you about another new nifty product that I just discovered...Jean Straps ( They too have found a solution for pulling your boots over your jeans while eliminating bunching. Instead of clips, theirs are applied with Velcro (which I like b/c you can't tell it's there at all). They are super cute and cheap. Just thought I would share...
  9. ^^^^ How do they work? Where/what do the attach to? I checked out the site, but can't figure it out.
  10. Yay, a solution for my jeans problem.
  11. I use the equestrian straps--I think they work just as well as more expensive alternatives
  12. I bought some straps before Christmas but they are a bit too long. Does anyone else have this problem?? They don't keep my pants pulled down at all. I didn't pay much for them so I thought about playing with them and trying to make them smaller.
  13. I agree. I got child-size jodhpur clips from a tack shop, and they work beautifully (and were super cheap -- much cheaper than the Stirrupz, or however you spell it).
  14. I just found a great product for keeping your jeans tucked into boots called Jean Straps ( They are super cute, super cheap, removable stirrups that attach with velcro, so you can't even tell they are there (no bulky metal). I've been wearing mine for weeks and the velcro actually becomes stronger with washing.
  15. I really just went to target and got men's tube socks. I always stick my jeans into the tube socks..and everything stays put. I learned about this 'trick' when I saw a really glamorous girl at the airport and wondered why (as she went through security) she had on really high mens socks over her jeans..and then stuck her feet back into the most gorgeous pair of boots ever. I am glad others use it too!