As seen in In-Style...straps to keep jeans tucked in boots

  1. In an old issue of InStyle, they profiled a company that makes these straps you secure to your jeans to keep them tucked into boots. They attach to the bottom of the jeans and strap under the soles of your feet. Thanks!
  2. interesting...stirrups for jeans! I've never heard of these but it's a good idea...anyone?
  3. ohhhh where can i find some of these!!!!
  4. I have been looking for these for a couple of years....anyone know where to find??? they are like suspenders for pants....
  5. I remember these....used ALL the time in the '80s
    I actually had someone 'make' me a pair last year when I saw this would be the trend. But, of course I would rather buy the original. So, if anyone finds them for sale.....let us know.......:flowers:
  6. Good idea. :yes:
  7. couldn't you just use those things that kids have to keep their gloves attached to their coats?
  8. I just use as sock... does all the work perfectly..
  9. hmm...bump!
  10. When I wear my jeans tucked inside my uggs,I tuck my jeans in Knee high socks....It works pretty well!
  11. Years ago I used boot straps made by Zodiac. I did find some boot stirrups on ebay. Check there. :smile:
  12. What a good idea! These days I tuck my denim capri into my boots to pretend as jeans cos they keep riding up!
  13. Yeah I bought those sheet straps. But, they don't work because it can only hold material thin enough like a sheet. Anything thicker ie jeans will not fit through the eye slit.