Are there any TPF get togethers in South Florida?

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  1. Anyone?
  2. (crickets chirping)
  3. If I was visiting my BFF in Ft. Lauderdale I would definitely be game! But upcoming trips
  4. Let's plan one.
  5. you go girls....
  6. That would be fun! :yahoo:

    Next question: how does one go about doing it?
  7. Hi there!!:smile::smile:

    I live in south florida and if there's a get together I would love to join! I'm very new to the forum, I've mostly been reading and getting to know the site. I am an Hermes fan and so far I only have 2 scarves as part of my collection. I am saving and counting the days till I can have my first and very own Birkin!!! Until then I'm enjoying reading everyones stories and looking at all of the gorgeous bags!!:drool::drool:

    Bye for now!!
  8. Ok so do we want to meet near the Palm Beach store or the Bal Harbor store???!!
  9. I live in South Florida and would be interested. So far have 4 Birkins, Kellys.
    I would love a Green Birkin next.
  10. Humm that's a good question, Palm Beach or Bal Harbor....I live in the middle of both stores, so as far as I go I'm game with either one.
  11. Is there any continued interest in doing a get together in South Florida? The interest seems to have waned.
  12. Sus - I'm here!
    Ladies, I just moved to Florida but I'm at the North. It will take me 5 hrs car ride to reach the South so it's a bit tough for me ;' ( sob sob
  13. Hunterspoint & Lola ~ I'm still interested. I think Kellybag lives nearby. Anyone else???

    Amanda ~ where are you north?? Do you ever have reason to come south??
  14. I also live in the middle of both stores. I don't own a Hermes, but would like to join this get together if possible. I've been reading the H threads and have been learning about H...:smile:
  15. I would be interested. Either store is fine with me. I live in Canada but am in Florida in "Season"