Are Rolexes really worth the money?

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  1. what a wonderful story!!
  2. I used to have one and never took it off either. The only reason I sold it was I needed software for my new career and I had to do what I had to do to start my career. I haven't worn a watch since. If I don't get another Rolex I don't want a watch. I had that watch for probably 10 years at least.
  3. how sad! Hopefully with your new career you can buy a new Rolex soon. I know how you feel, it's hard to go back to something else.
  4. My BF and friends told me to go for a Rolex coz it looks good on me but I never like it. I think Cartier looks much more better.

    Anyway, I got one and think it is a good quality watch.
  5. Yes, a rolex is worth it. It is automatic and it has a high resale value. Not only that, if you are choosing the oyster style, then this has been around for ages and will definitely not go out of style.
  6. I first heard about Rolex from my grandfather and it is absolutely timeless. He had one for over 40 years and never once had it repaired. I have to admit the quality now compared to back then is different. I would still go for Rolex anyday.
  7. lol
  8. To me Rolex is the ultimate symbol of the eighties yappie periode.
  9. I think that a classic Rolex is worth it, for sure. My grandfather bought a two-tone Rolex in the early 1960s. He wore it until he died and at that point, it was put in our safe deposit box for 22 years. This summer my mom decided it should be worn again and she took it out, put it on, and set the time- it started ticking immediately and still works great. You can't beat that- it was untouched for 22 years!! And it still looks great, she wears it every day and gets tons of compliments. I hope to have one of my own some day....
  10. I want a Rolex now because of your story! I was thinking of getting the Cartier La Dona, but I tried on some Rolex watches the other day and I think I want a Rolex instead. I want a ladies datejust but still undecided if I want a 2-tone or not, with diamonds or without. I want it to be an investment piece that I can hand down to my daughter.
  11. Consider a mother of pearl version, I think mother of pearl watches are stunning.
  12. How sweet!! I think there are so few items that you can really say will last a lifetime or more... and even fewer that you can be sure the next generation will like, too. To me, Rolexes are one of those things- it's not like other kinds of jewelry where tastes and styles change, and it's not like bags or clothes that need to be taken care of and even still have limited lifespans. I think a 2 tone, no diamonds would be the most classic, you and your daughter can wear it with everything, and everywhere (of course I may be biased because that is the one my grandfather/mother had and I think it's gorgeous!).
  13. In my opinion, a Rolex is well worth the money spent. I bought mine 10 years ago (yes! I was part of that yuppie generation) with my entire month's paycheck, and since then, I have never bought another watch, nor regretted my purchase. While it's true a Rolex doesn't always keep perfect time, my Rolex survived a tumble down a flight of cement stairs, a knock against some equipment at the gym, and a dunk in my fish pond. Naturally, I aspire to own a Patek, but honestly the price difference isn't slight.
  14. Sorry to dig up an older thread, but does anyone has a Rose Gold Rolex (datejust) with fluted bezel and Black MOP face? I really would love to see ultimate watch HG lol Thanks!!
  15. I am totally with you. And no offense to those who love Rolex; I totally respect your opinions. I just never see myself shelling out that much money for a watch; I'd rather spend it on something else. :shame: But then, I tend not to like things that are so recognizable. When many people see a Rolex, they immediately recognize it (even the least expensive Rolex watches) and judgment wheels start turning. I'm probably too insecure to not avoid that. (Who am I kidding? I am too insecure to deal with that type of judgement.) I'm better off hiding my financial status from plain view. :lol: Even if it were a gift, it would be a waste of money because I know I would feel uncomfortable wearing it.