Are Rolexes really worth the money?

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  1. I really want a rose gold rolex and will not be able to afford a new one for sometime. I saw some very reasonable priced vintage rolexes from Does anyone have any experience with this site?
  2. I've been wearing mine almost non stop for 20 years now! Really the only time I have had it off for more than a few hours is when I have had it serviced. I want to know where some of you have had it done for less than $500 bucks, tho! Mine was done about 2 years ago and was over $600.
  3. Whoa!!! That's EXPENSIVE for servicing!!! (it's almost like another watch!!) So it may be worth it to ask the dealer to give you complimentry service for up to a certain amount of time, instead of a percentage off?

    p.s I WANT a rose gold Rolex too (see wishlist lol)
  4. IMO rolexes are a little over rated...a lot of ppl have them
    would rather buy patek, cartier, franck...
  5. Hi
    for what it is worth, I have 4 Rolxes and I LOVE them all. They are the best! Forget what anyone else says. As far as the question about gold rolex and if they are worth it, anyone who has one can tell you YES. You can never go back! Good luck and warm regards
  6. -I bought a Rolex from them and it was authentic, they sent an appraisal with it, and I did sell it at a later date with no problem re authenticity. JME
  7. Great! That's very good to hear that you had a positive experience with them. I might just have bit the bullet and pick up a watch very soon!
  8. I'm so excited! I finally picked one and ordered it!

    Mid-sized, rose gold/ss, fluted bezel, pink face w/diamond markers.

    I can't wait to get it!!
  9. Bethc - sounds totally gorgeous! please post modeling pics when you receive it.
  10. Ooh...I cannot wait to see it! :nuts:
  11. Thanks! My husband thinks I'm nuts, but hey, it's not like I bought another birkin... :rolleyes:
  12. :P
  13. -I forgot to add, my insurance company accepted the appraisal and insured the watch, so another reason to feel good about authenticity...
  14. Oh my gosh, Bethc. I think that I'm following in your footsteps. I just put in an order for almost the exact same watch (mine has a steel rhodium dial)! Congrats! I can't wait to get mine, supposed to take 1-2 months.
  15. -from Interwatches, or a brick-and-mortar AD?