Are Rolexes really worth the money?

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  1. I need input from you all here on tPF. I am considering getting a Rolex tomorrow. I have seen some styles I like, but I have never spent that much money on a watch. (funny how I'm uncomfortable with that considering what I spend on purses) Do any of you have a Rolex and can you give me an idea as to how you feel about it and if it was worth the money you spent on it? Thanks!
  2. I have 3 of them and I LOVE them...they really are great watches...timeless stlye to me...I can take a pic of you like...
  3. You can't go wrong with Rolex IMO.
  4. It's absolutely worth the money! I love mine and wear it every day. It was part of my anniversary gift several years ago and I've never had any trouble with it. One thing, you have to wear it just about every day or it stops. Has something to do with the movement inside and your actually wearing it that makes it keep going. Great watch!
  5. I have one & adore it! It's taken alot of abuse but still looks awesome~
  6. Wow. I guess you ladies really like them. Sounds like I may need to invest in one.
  7. Yes, a fabulous watch!
  8. i also have one and absolutely love it. it's so classic, you can never go wrong with it...
  9. I really want a Cartier next...
  10. I saw the Cartier watches and they really are lovely. What kind of service do you get with Rolexes? Like cleanings and things like that?
  11. It really depends on where you buy it....When I bought my husbands they thru in extra cleanings as a tool to sell it to me. The one I recently bought for myself...he offered me a cleaning once a year for 5 years...which is killer as usually its about $100 to have it serviced. (my jeweler rocks)
  12. I sell preowned and vintage Rolexes and they are hands down a great buy. They hold their value and they are made well.

    Did you see that there were several Rolexes in the new Harper's Bazaar? They had a Salmon dial and I think a gold president.
  13. I have not taken my Rolex off since I turned 23. It is apart of my body I think. I have weighed myself with it, showered, snorkled, puked up in a drunken stooper and fell right on top of it on the sidewalk(bad memory) and it's still ticking. I would get a Patek Phillipe first at this point if I had the choice, but what a great watch my Rolex is.:biggrin:
  14. it holds its value
    it is amechanical watch (automatic)
    it withstands all situations in daily life with not problems
    it is waterproof
    it is good looking
    :yes: buy it
  15. I have 2 and love them both. You really can't go wrong. It's timeless.