Are prices better in Europe for certain brands?

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  1. My husband will be traveling to Europe (France and Germany) for business next month and I was thinking about asking him to pick up a few things for me that are made there (such as a Louis Vuitton bag). However, I've noticed that after current exchange rates are calculated, the prices in Europe often are much higher than in U.S. for the same items (e.g., UK pricing for Burberry). Are any brands less expensive if bought in Europe these days?
  2. I don't believe that LV is any cheaper in Europe. I believe their prices are pretty much set worldwide.
  3. LV is indeed cheaper in europe, the european prices can be compared to US-prices wirhout tax! so yes it is cheaper but not much! If you live outside of the EU you can also get your tax back, tell your husband that when he buys something to ask the SA for a tax-free-form. . . in germany the tax is 19% and already in the item-price included.
  4. Ok but what I was saying is that the LV prices themselves are not any cheaper....... It's just minus the tax. :P
  5. Thanks so much. These days I guess this just means that I could save about 10% (as compared to buying in California), which isn't bad depending on the total price, but may not be worth his time to go shopping for me during his limited business visit...
  6. Well, if your interest is saving in taxes and you plan on buying higher end items, then yes it may be worth it. If you are buying a $1500 hand bag, taxes add up very quickly!
  7. Actually, LV prices *do* differ depending on where you are in the world. Hawaii is much cheaper than the mainland US.. before tax. Once VAT is in play in Europe, it is much cheaper to buy LV there vs. in the US.
  8. Actually it's cheaper in Europe than the US (for most countries in Europe, anyway). For example, a Speedy 25 in the US is $665 before tax, while in Germany it's EUR 450 (tax included), and at today's exchange rate, it's $620. So you save about $50 plus tax.

    I've done the research, since my family's in the US and I've been trying to figure out where I should buy...

    The British pound is still quite high, so it's hard to find things that are cheaper there than in the US (or often even in Europe).

    Edited to add: LV in France is a bit cheaper than in Germany, too.
  9. Interesting! I have always been under the assumption that LV's prices are set by corporate, as many large brands/chains are, and that they do not vary based on location. I'll have to research this more! Thanks for the info, ladies! ;)
  10. No problem! I know alot of people here on tPF use personal shoppers in Europe to have bags sent here to the US. Saves alot of money if you check the conversions and shop while they benefit us!! Also, the Hawaii prices are a great excuse for a vacation!! :graucho:
  11. But with a personal shopper, wouldn't what you save in conversion be lost in paying for the actual shopper? :P
  12. Yes, but it is also depending on exchange rates. There was a time when everything was more expensive in London. Last year that changed, and I believe many things are still a bit cheaper in London than the rest of Europe.
  13. Depends on what you're buying. If you want to buy something from a European fashion house - e.g. Hermes, Chanel, etc. then it will be cheaper over here in Europe because it's made here.

    If you want to buy an american brand, then it'll obviously be cheaper over in the US than here, e.g. Tiffany is soo much more expensive over here.
  14. what I meant is that the EU-price including tax is as high as the US price without tax, so if you're from CA and buy for example in germany + get the 19% tax-refund. . . you save up to 29% compared to the price you have to pay in CA. . . hope that makes sense