Are prices better in Europe for certain brands?

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  1. Great thread
  2. Base on my personal experience its really cheaper to buy in europe, i bought my LV tivoli gm in bal harbor for $1,360 + 6% tax then went to venice Italy asked for the price of the bag its €900 , you can get the tax refund of %12 out of that €900 , if i should have waited till i got to italy i should have saved almost $500 . I got my wapity multicolor for $350 (converted) wherein if i bought it in US its $390 + 6% tax !
  3. The prices are a bit cheaper but not by much...I believe it was somewhere in the range of about $100 cheaper...some more expensive styles maybe even a bit more on the discount and you can save on the tax as well.

    I believe that prices for Chanel are a bit cheaper too.
  4. Sometimes I think certain designers are cheaper in Europe then I realize that's bc the exchange rate's off lol that always fools me!
  5. I don't live in USA but as my experience I'm really think that The price of LV in Europe are cheaper than USA. It's cause by Exchange rate and tax are lower than.
  6. Yes, European brands are cheaper in Europe because of the VAT. I bought an LV bag this fall and saved about 600 dollars compared to the price I would have paid in NY.
  7. I was in Paris three years ago and Stockholm the year after that and I always saved money on my LV purchases. But you have to do your research first. Know the current exchange rate, and know what US LV is charging for the same item.

    I bought my red Epi MM Passy, my black Epi Honfleur and my Neo-Denim Cabby for significantly less (exchange rate minus the country's VAT, minus USA's sales tax= almost 30% cheaper).

    Example: at the time a Manhattan GM was running around $1800 pre tax here in the US, in Paris it was $1200 after the VAT refund.
  8. LV germany is cheaper than US LV,about other brands I dont know,ive only heard that everything must be totally cheaper there by you my sister also said that when she went there

    Lv france is also still cheaper than germany,because its country of origin,of course the goods will be more expensive in the us due to import costs because they have to bring it "over the big lake" as we say here:smile:
  9. I'm going to Paris, Milan and Rome in April. My colleague is asking me to help them get some LVs. Which cities have the cheapest LVs, after tax rebate?

  10. Would think Paris has the best LV prices..
  11. Mainland Europe is much cheaper than the UK (because of the high exchange rate of the pound), so the expensive Burberry there is probably not an indicator of prices in Europe. If he is traveling in France and Germany, I would think certain things, such as luxury bags, would definitely be cheaper.

  12. That's interesting! Thanks for the info.. that's really helpful.. I've always thought it's more expensive in Europe but your calculation is quite reliable.. :biggrin:
  13. the price difference is in most cases about 5€ (speedy 35) to 20€ but you can compare the prices on, just choose france or germany and visit the online shop
  14. what you shouldn't buy in Europe is MAC cosmetics... same with every other non European make up brand (Shu Uemura, crazy pricing).
    As for fashion and bags: Hermès of course is cheapest in France, Goyard too (huge saving compared to the US).
  15. I just returned from London and yes, I found Gucci prices a bit lower. Plus, I got a 10% VAT refund at the airport, so I paid $300 less than retail price. On a $1300 bag, that's a great deal :tup: