Are prices better in Europe for certain brands?

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  1. Really? Haha! I am going to hint to my bf, that I heard Hermes is the cheapest in France. :yahoo:
  2. Remember though, that you must ask IN STORE for the VAT refund form AND you must have the items ready for inspection at the airport in order to get your refund. So please do not pack your VAT refund items in your checked bags because the refund window is usually on the other side of check-in and security.
    Most of the time they don't ask to see the items, but they MAY and if you don't have it you don't get your refund.
  3. Oh! Thanks for this info! Does that mean I have to hand-carry all my shopping if I am going to ask for VAT refund? I was planning to bring an empty suitcase to keep all my shopping stuff...

    I will be traveling to 4 different cities, Milan, Rome, Lux and Paris. So if I purchase the item in Milan, do I go to the refund window in Italy or Paris (my final destination)?

    Thanks alot on this!
  4. ^ yes, they might want to check your purchases. If you buy from Milan you have to go to the refund window in Italy.
  5. AND I forgot to consider the 12% VAT refund you get in France. Definitely worth it... (I don't get the refund, since I'm in the EU)

    Yes. I stock up when I'm visiting my family- my MAC charges €16.50 for one single eyeshadow! Most stuff is more expensive here, it's just some of the European brands that are cheaper.
  6. So glad I saw this thread!

    I am going to Barcelona and Geneva soon. Will LV, etc. be cheaper in these cities as well?
  7. Since I am heading to Europe (Milan, Vernice & Paris), I am keen to start a list of brands that are cheaper in Europe, compared to US and other parts of the world.

    Hence, I would appreciate if those who have made a comparison, to post in this thread. I am sure this will be very helpful for those who are shopping in Europe physically or online (Since pounds n euro are dropping!). :graucho:

    Please provide information in the following format:
    Brand: Louis Vuitton
    Bag/shoe model (if any):
    Price in US (or wherever you are located):
    Price in Milan (please state specific city if possible):
    Any VAT returns?: (If yes, please advise on the process, if its not already available).

    Thanks all!:yahoo:
  8. If you're purchasing with a credit card, don't forget to take into account the pesky "foreign currency conversion fee" that almost all the credit card companies add. It's usually 2-3%. Sure, you don't see it at the point-of-sale, but it will be on your statement.

    (Capital One's cards are the only ones I know that don't tack on the fee.)
  9. LV is cheaper in every country of the EU than in the US. My galliera was for example more expensive in oslo where I bought it but I got a taxrefund as norway is not in the EU and so it was slightly cheaper than in France (but not much).
    Just keep in mind that the prices the SA tells you in europe are already including tax!
  10. Hi there. When I went to Paris last year, LV was definitely cheaper than in the US, especially when the euro went down a little.

    Gucci is not necessarily cheaper in the EU since in the US, we have outlets and gucci sales where you can get goods for 70% less. Plus, when I was in rome, prices were almost the same compared to US. Although keep in mind that Italy also has gucci outlets but they are outside of the city so you would need to pay for transpo.

    ZARA and Mango are cheap I think in Barcelona compared to US. Plus, I was able to go to their outlets, which have good prices.
  11. Not sure about watches in switzerland. I want to know if Rolex is cheaper there.

    Also, longchamp is cheap in france and london but considering you can get longchamp at saks for much less during sale season and websites like, maybe its not worth buying them there.

    Not all european brands are cheap to buy in europe. Lacoste, Tods, and Diesel I find very expensive there.

    Consider buying local brands for exclusivity and price.
  12. Anyone know if Balenciaga is cheaper in Europe, compared to US?

    I know its a lot more expensive in Singapore.
  13. does anyone know where longchamp is the cheapest? my parents will be in paris, milan, berlin in june/july. otherwise we're going to asia (malaysia, vietnam, hk) at the end of the year. is europe still cheaper? im in australia, if that helps. thanks!
  14. I always stock up on pretty much EVERYTHING when Im in the US. Norway, for one, is superexpensive, and that goes for Switzerland as well. I guess those are the two single most expensive countries in Europe as they are not part of the European Union.
  15. Even with tax it is much cheaper in France than outside of Europe.

    The very cheapest is in France at duty-free at the airport. There is a Printemps boutique and other stores that sell Longchamp in Charles de Gaulle airport.