ARCHIVE 6-01-13 Authenticate this Hermes **BAG**

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  1. I see no issues in the posted pictures. Still don't understand why the seller would show that picture with the zipper end covered by a black shadow, perhaps they will be more careful next time.

    I think the bag is authentic nevertheless.
  2. Please take discussions relating to sellers to the relevant thread. This is strictly for questions relating to specific bags. Thank you.
  3. Sorry Mistikat!
  4. Hello, may I request assistance with authenticating this lovely Evelyne? Thank you!'

    Item name: Evelyne III PM Soleil
    Seller: Cocacola
    Comment : I posted this item a while back but got no response. I assume for the lack of participation/posts. I've recently posted a few at the other threads. Crossing my fingers this time, I will get an answer. Thank you "Authenticators" for your valuable time and expertise.
  5. Yes, it is authentic in my opinion.
  6. Thank you bababebi for your quick response!:flowers:
  7. Sorry please disregard this, I have to post the right link. Thank you :smile:
  8. I'm sure you mean well, but as you are someone who asks for authentication advice themselves, please refrain from offering opinions to others. Thanks for your understanding.
  9. bababebi, your expert knowledge are much appreciated. THANK YOU so much for your time and help!!!
  10. Hi Ladies, I'm finally moving on from Chanels to my 1st H. Pls help. Thank you so much.

    Item: Hermes Birkin 30 Tabac Camel Clemence GHW L Stamp Pre-Own
    Listing number: Nil
    Seller: ocpi

    Comments if any: Stamp: L; Colour: Tabac Camel; Taurillon Clemence; Gold HW.
    Comes with: Padlock, Keys, Clochette, Rain Protection, Box, Cotton Bag. No receipt.
    I've requested for more pics from seller.
  11. hey i spent a lot of time on this forum, and post not so much I have asked about authentication only 1 time 3 months ago, from that time I got really good in autehentication so I think I can help you girls to authenticate these birkins :love:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.