Anyone else with a SO/Dh who hates you purchasing LV?

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  1. My SO really thinks anything more than 2 handbags is too much. He really does not like Louis and does not quite get why he is so special. He thinks a 50.00 bag should be good enough and simply cannot understand why women would spend so much on handbags. I have tried to explain why to him and he still thinks that LV is not worth it and overated. I am at the point where I must hide my purchases so I do not upset him but, he does figure it out on the time I forgot to throw out the fedex box and he found it on the floor of the walk in closet. Anyone else have this issue or is everyone with a purse lover (lucky people)?
  2. no, my dear, you're definitely not alone. my DH is not only a LVPHH, he's an anything-designer-PHH. men just don't understand it.
    just hang in there, he's still loves you no matter what =)
  3. My new dh is really supportive of my love for LV. He made it clear in the beginning that I should not hide things I purchased. He loves the fact that I like to surround myself with feminine things including LV. In fact he just say I should have a new LV every year for the rest of my life. Because I am his sweety and deserve my little LV obsession and other things. :blush::love:
  4. hee BF is used to it I guess..he just hates monogram...he's kinda liking the would be bad if we both had this addiction..jhee hee..
  5. Yes. He hates the LV monogram and doesn't like any of the other styles/patterns either. When I got my blue epi petite noe, he grudgingly said he liked it....but I have a feeling it''s okay because I already bought it. I wish he liked LV (and all the other high-end brands I like!) so I could hint at presents but nope, I'm sorry outta luck.
  6. My husband is actually quite tolerant. I only purchase 1-2 purse/wallets a year and this was my first year for LV. I would never hide purchases from my husband; it would feel less special to me.
    My husband is an artist so when he rolls his eyes at me when he sees me rolling up my change for my purse fund, I ask him how much he has spent on airbrushes/canvases/paint/etc..........more than me! :smile:
  7. LOL My fiancee loves buying LV for me...however, I have stopped asking him for stuff (until January, heehee) bc I am starting to feel guilty!
  8. While he can't understand why LV (and other designers for that matter) has to be so expensive, he is very supportive cause he knows it makes me happy! :shame: But he just wants me to take it slow with buying, meaning I have to wait at least a month or two between purchases!
  9. Purses are to women as Balls are to men. I always tell my husband this. I tell him I have been living with balls for 11 years. Basketballs, footballs, golf balls, baseballs and of course his anatomical balls. It is High time we women have an enfatuation equal to their own! Game On!:biguns: :yes:

  10. I'm using all the willpower I have to resist making a dirty joke regarding this post, Ghost!!:P
  11. He's converted :yes: after a couple of shared sessions on purseblog! :jammin:
  12. Pinki that is soo sweet of him. Maybe I went overboard this year with LV by getting 5 bags so dh is worried that I may want 5 new bags a year which I will not. I tried to explain that they are classic and that they will never go out of style and the prices go up a few times a year. Infact I chose iconic bags for the most part because I knew that they would be in style year after year after year. One bag a year sounds super reasonable. Maybe I will share your little story with dh and he maybe he will go for that one LV treat a year.
    I just hate feeling so guilty over my handbags and hiding purchases.

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: funny....I should share that with him.....
  14. Yes, my s.o. hates LV as much as I love it. He thinks it's overpriced, old-fashioned crap and I need to be admitted to a lunatic asylum because I buy it.
  15. thanks....... it is nice to hear that other LVPHH exsist out there....