Anyone else with a SO/Dh who hates you purchasing LV?


Dec 16, 2006
So, a question for the ladies, does your husbands or bfs have any expensive indulgences? It hardly seems fair for them to criticize you if they spend a large amount of money on something they like!
Yes he does. He collects stupid stuff that are really expensive. But since he's the one paying for the bags I really can't complain, he is nice enough to buy me some, but he still doesn't like it, especially LV, but with all the problems I had with my LV's I understand.


Feb 28, 2006
I just asked my BF, his answer : "I don't mind it, I understand why you want LV, it has this special something and you should please yourself, we all have a little pleasure, otherwise what is life ?"
BUT I may add that he spends a lot on HiFi, I am the one who saves....and he's planning on buying an amplifier soon.......
I think that husbands can be wrong but also right to hate the LV addiction bc it all depends of your individual financial situations !! So we can't all say your DH is wrong tell him this or that....


in love with miu
Sep 17, 2006
it was my boyfriend who made me an LV addict when he gave me the pochette as a sorry for a rotten holiday...

and now he always wants to accompany me to the shop to see what's new :smile:

hope you'll all convince your hubbies and whoever that purses are life-necessary :smile: