Anyone else have problems w/Collonil Waterstop Spray?

  1. Oh my, I ordered the Collonil since it was mentioned on the Bayswater care card and sprayed the bottom of my new purple leather Bayswater as a test. I let it dry overnight and much to my dismay - it has changed the texture of the leather. It no longer is the pliable, soft grain leather, but is almost smooth to the touch and if you rub it - it kinda squeeks!
    Thanks goodness I DID NOT SPRAY THE WHOLE BAG.

    I did make the long distance call to Mulberry in Somerset and spoke w/someone in repairs. This was a bit of a surprise to her and she suggested that I do not use the spray and to just leave the bag as is.

    I'm curious - has this happened to anyone else? Am I just being overly sensitive?
    I know this leather is different from the Darwin, but I think it's similar to the new Mabels......has anyone sprayed Collonil on their Mabels?

    Thanks SO much for your assistance -
  2. the spray made my oak roxanne significantly darker. i don't remember it changing the texture (but it could have been that i was so freaked out by the color). i would not recommend.
  3. oh dear this doesn't sound good. luckily u only sprayed the bottom.

    i just got a new chocolate ledbury n i'm about to get the collonil spray for it. but if it's going to change the leather in any way, then i'm not sure if i want to use the spray on mine now.
  4. Care card with my Mabel say`s do not spray as leather has already been treated and will ruin colour ( mine is purple to!)

    I would just go along with what care card say`s-

    If then you have problems at least you could go back to mulberry !!
  5. I have sprayed both my oak and chocolate darwin bags with collonil multiple times and have had no problems at all. Oh yes- and it works- got caught in the rain with my oak Annie and not a watermark to be seen!!
    The trick is to do multiple light sprays- don't get the bag 'wet' with the spray if you know what I mean.
  6. OOh, thanks for that! I had ordered a tin of colonil with the Babington,to spray that and the others as I had used Clarks spray or cream wax(I got with the Blenhiem) But I have only ever done very light multiple sprays,I think as its not the recommended stuff I was really cautious!And started on the bottom too! So I will bear that in mind,as its the right stuff I probably would have gone at them like a lunatic!
  7. I'm terribly lazy about spraying my bags but I have done the Phoebe with it. It was fine and I now do it once a week. I think lighter coloured Darwin leather definitely needs protection. I've not done my Glove bags and I shan't bother doing my black Alana.

  8. taraholmes -
    thanks for letting me know about your Mabel and what is says on that care card - which is quite different from mine which said to use the Collonil spray. Is the Mabel goat leather?
    Wonder if Mulberrry placed the incorrect care card in my Bayswater (which is soft grain tumbled leather - and maybe goat as well).....?

  9. No its not goat its antique leather.
  10. sprayed it on all my bags without a problem. Was worried about my Magenta Hanover but I did a light spray from a distance!!
    I let them dry then put them back in the sleeper bags, a bit worried now I might have to go check them in case they've changed colour!!
  11. I'm compulsive about the collonil but I don't really find the slight texture change a problem and the slight darkening is quite nice methinks, especially on new oak leather which usually looks nicer once a bit more aged with some patina. I think it's probably more a thing to get used to, the bags do need some sort of protection or they will just look speckled if accidentally subjected to rain. I took a new darwin bag out before spraying it and of course it rained and it's now quite spotted with water stains...:sad:
  12. I have just doused the underneath of my oak Elgin,bit of a color change once it dried,but rather that than letting it get damaged with rain I think,and I agree with Miss-k,it adds to the aging patina nicely.I veiw Mulberrys a bit like saddles,they look better with age and use(not that you would wear a saddle,or would you?..........moving swiftly on..........)So theres my thought after using Colonil for the first time instead of Clarks shoe protector!!!
  13. And to sadly jump on the back of my own quote,I have literally drenched my oak Elgin,and I have to say it went very tacky to feel,so I just buffed it with one of those fuzzy all purpose polishing cloths,and the results I have to say are beautiful,has richened up by about one shade,but the shade all over is much more even,is totally waterproof,I flicked water on it for about what you get in a heavy downpour,for about ten minutes.Not a single drop got through.It has buffed to a gorgeous soft sheen,stinks a bit,(but that may be due to Sophies raisins that are stuck to the inside and decomposing as we speak)
    Now being extremely brave I did my Paul Smith purse,and it has turned ot fab,the colors have richened up a tiny bit,gave it a polish and it feels super glossy with a lovely sheen to it now,I'm not sure how it would behave on other leathers,the Elgin is darwin I think and the purse is some sort of soft grained leather,much finer than the Elgin.

    All this was done for scientific testing and absolutely nothing to do with boredom.At all.Really.
  14. Ooh, chaz, any chance of pics at some point, along with your before shots? You know, as you're bored ;)

    It never occurred to me to polish the bag when it's damp with Collonil. That might get the stain out of the back of my oak Emmy - or at the very least, blend it in...

  15. Yeh,will do,will wait for tommorow and photograph it in the same place as last time in my kitchen in the daylight, pre-treatment so you can have a more realistic and reliable comparison( and my kitchen is poo compared to Rach's)will break up the boredom when Sophie is having her snooze tommorow xxxxxxxxxxxxxx