Anyone else have problems w/Collonil Waterstop Spray?

  1. chaz -
    you are tempting me to "finish the job", so to speak, on my purple Bayswater - though the powers to be at Mulberry suggested that I stop once I mentioned that the texture of the leather changed (and yes, I did buff mine afterwards, but not as quickly as you did).
    as mentioned before, there is such a benefit to waterproofing ones bag knowing that it willstand the sudden downpour or sprinkle of rain......but - if the weather is iffy where I live - I would just choose another bag for the day. Hmmmm.
    what to do? I'll "mull" over it (HAHAHHAHHAHA).
  2. Its one way of getting the color to match all over,and I suppose with age it would darken up anyway,but if its treated it won't get watermarks and other stains on it, something else for you to 'mull' over! Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. OK,I i have literally 'sauced' the stitching on the Elgin and it seems watertight!! And no more color changes from the extra spray,I just did it on the stitches only to test that too. The base of the Roxanne has also become ultra waterproof,but has a waterstain on it,from before and as well as from the wetting it got the other day! So tommorow I will post pics of the Elgins stitches and the Roxy's base getting a drenching!!!

    Incidentally,did'nt rebuff the bits of the Elgin that got spray on them,and its gone even more glossy,no tacky feeling,and dried from the spraying really quickly!!
  4. I nipped into town today to get can of collonil from local Russell and bromley store, when I asked SA for a can ,he asked what I was spraying when I said It was for my mulberry bag (summerset sachel) he refused to sell it to me saying that another lady had bought a can for her Mulberry bag and had trashed it with the spray- now claiming from Russell and Bromley for another bag!!

    So I think you do need to take care when using this-some Mulberry bags don`t need it :yes:

  5. She should be claiming from Mulberry -IF it was on their advice that she sprayed the bag with that product. How can Russel and Bromley be liable?????
  6. That I can not tell you but I can tell you what the man said to me:smile:

    He said to buy direct from Mulberry-Maybe he was having a bad day-Hey we all have them don`t we!!!
  7. just seems odd that he refused to sell it to you- although sounds like he was only trying to be helpful!!
  8. That's strange. There's no way she would be able to claim against Russell & Bromley, it would have to be against Mulberry.
    When I bought my Phoebe the SA advised Colonil and they had cans of it lined up behind the counter. I know some bags don't need it - glove leather is one - but Darwin definitely does. I've liberally splashed it over my olive Phoebe and it's fine.
  9. Maybe I should print this page out and give to SA in Russell and Bromleys???

    Maybe he just wanted to P** me off!!

    who know`s but I didn`t get my can of spray !!!!!!!!
  10. If SA had sold spray to somebody to spray their bag with and spray did indeed ruin it then surely they could indeed claim money to buy new bag or,
    was he feeding me a load of codswallop

  11. I think he was feeding you a load of codswallop! For example that means if I buy a well known make of say furniture polish from say Tesco - I could sue tesco for a new coffee table if the spray ruined it. Well that's idiotic- you'd claim from the manufacturer of the spray. So in this case you'd either claim back from collonil or against Mulberry for giving duff advice for using the spray in the first place!
  12. Yes indeed putting it like that you are right-But why did he not want me to have the spray- Mmm , maybe i was to scruffy to shop there ? ( jeans and old barbour jacket)

    who knows........... oh well won`t lose any sleep over it.
  13. Barbour jacket,used to work on a horse yard are you posh by any chance!!??? After all Her Madge wears a Barbour..........................................................
  14. God No-Posh, have you seen Harvey Smith!!!!
  15. Hahahaha!!! that is just sooo wrong on so many levels I'm nearly wetting myself laughing!!!!