Anybody's bag interior look like this?

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  1. The resin/wax on the inside seams of my (brand new, uncarried!) birkin are cracking and uneven: is this normal? Am considering going back to the store but don't know if I'm being nitpicky..... advice please???? Has anyone experienced the below? What does the store do?


  2. I just looked into mine and no they do not have that... I do know that this quite easily to fix ... I would bring it back to Hermes to fix it ?? Gorgeous color btw :smile:
  3. I will go look through some of my bags a bit later to see if I have any similar issues, but since this is a brand new bag, I would want a replacement rather than send it off for repairs if that is what is deemed as necessary. Sending it off for repairs can take from weeks to months to get back. You have had this bag for less than two weeks - asking you to wait weeks to months while they repair it would not be acceptable to me.
  4. My bags don't have the cracking interior. I had a birkin where the exterior was cracking, and the spa fixed it with no problem.
  5. Mine don't have that. I would only accept a repair if there is an in house craftsman. otherwise, insist on a replacement. :yes:
  6. Oh my! I've not seen this before. Unusual for a brand new bag too!

    Hope you can get it taken care of quickly or even replaced - just as quickly! Good luck!
  7. Totally agree with bella and rana. I don't have this issue. What is happening to Hermes quality control?
  8. By "replacement", do you know if the store will give you the exact same bag (color, hardware, size) or does one have to take another? I happen to like this color and am concerned that a replacement bag might have to be something else.....
  9. You have options. They will offer to fix it for you (either on site if you have a tradesperson working there) or send it away to be repaired, offer you an alternative bag of similar ilk, or you can demand to have an exact replacement bag but you might have to wait (if they don't have the exact same bag available in their stock room). Your store will let you know how long that wait will be for the new bag.
  10. You might have to wait a while for the store to get the same color. Your store does not have an in-house craftsman, so it would be sent to Manuela in Los Angeles. She would probably be able to fix it for you right there. As for how long it would take, it depends how many other bags she is working on at the moment. I would expect a minimum of several weeks though.
  11. I would ask for a repair. It's an easy easy thing to fix. Congratulations for the bag!
  12. For comparison, I took pics of the inside of my clemence birkin. They don't seem to be cracked. HTH
    IMG_1060.jpg IMG_1061.jpg
  13. that is so helpful!!!! Thanks! Now I know I'm not going crazy.
  14. Take it to H and they can fix it. They put dye on it and then wax it. I watched a craftsperson work on this very thing. I wondered how they made three pieces of leather look like one?
  15. I don't see any problems.