Any style eventually "grow" on you???

  1. This is sort of in keeping with the previous thread about H styles you don't like but with a twist.

    Maybe you saw someone with a particular bag, your lifestyle changed, your style in general changed, or maybe after seeing it a few times - you changed your mind. In any case, is there a particular bag (or bags) that did not appeal to you and then one day, you found you did like it and decided it worked for you?

    For me, I never really liked the Trim but two things happened - I had a lifestyle change AND I saw a lovely woman with one and she really worked the Trim! Now, I love it!
  2. The Lindy has grown on me. At first, I think it may have been the color that the boutique here had. The more I see of them, the more I like them.
  3. The Evelyne. After eyeing an orange one on a rather patrician blonde with perfect posture dressed in cream quilted jacket with leggings and orange driving mocs and gloves, I was stunned at how chic it could be.
  4. I could never really see myself with a Bolide until suddenly *bang* Cupid's arrow hit hard.
  5. The Bolide!! I found it a bit boring in the beginning but now I love it.

  6. A BIG DITTO--its my favorite bag.............
  7. Yep - that would be the Lindy. I have to admit that I disliked it when I first saw it, but that was before I had the opportunity to try one on and play with it a little. Even then I still didn't like it as much as I do now, after buying one and wearing it for a little while - it definitely grows on you after you realize how comfortable and user-friendly it is as a doing-errands/grocery-shopping bag.

    I also think it takes the "right" Lindy for you to fully embrace it - size, color and leather change the feel.
  8. ^^Ditto--the Lindy for me as well. Had no interest in it until I was able to see it IRL. Even after I took the plunge I wasn't totally enamored with it until I actually used it, and now I love it.
  9. Believe it or not, the BIRKIN took a while for me to grow into...!

    I have always, and I mean always wanted a Kelly. The hype around the Birkin threw me off, and when I joined the site all I could think about was a Kelly or Bolide. After a long time with the gals on here, though, I slowly came around and after deliberating every aspect of Hermes and finding my dream bag, I definitely love my new Ms B very much!

    I still want a Kelly, I've found, for all the same reasons I wanted one in the first place. I thought a Birkin would kill that but noooo still got the eye for them! I will be takin it slow but I will eventually get one, you can count on it! ;)
  10. I always browse the styles reference thread for my first everday use/under the radar H bags that is easily available in the store. I saw the posted Massai PM gris T more than 100x with :nogood:. Went to the store and tried on my candidates....wham! it hit me:tup:...looking at myself in the mirror with the color i am supposedly saving for a birkin or kelly, it fits me very more than grows on me, it defines me and we fit very well together, I am sooo:yahoo:& :crybaby:.....really:yes: and dh was :sweatdrop:

    thus, I made another impulsive purchase in the store and felt I betrayed my most loved SA:p

    Thanks Authenticlux for this thread:smile:
  11. Oooh, I have to say the Bolide as well but "Cupid's arrow" struck me so long ago with this one that I didn't even remember that I really didn't like it at first! Too funny.
  12. The Evelyne, definitely. I liked the Lindy, but fell in love with it once I tried one on.

    I know what Angelfish means about the Birkin. It's such a beautifully crafted object, and I love seeing everybody rock that bag, but I can't ever seem to pull it off. I totally look like I wandered off with someone else's bag by mistake.
  13. For me it was the Kelly, I always thought that it was for older people but now I find myself wanting one. Maybe after I find the perfect JPG :smile:
  14. Lindy -- The shape didn't attract me first. Now, it's a bad that I favor over my Birkin and Bolide for functionality and day-to-day use.
  15. The Birkin.....although I am not quite there yet, I am getting more fond of mine.