Any ANYA HINDMARCH lovers out there?

  1. I am extremely tempted to add this bag to my wishlist: [​IMG]

    Just wondering if anyone who owns an AH bag could inform me as to how the leather holds up? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I own this bag in purple grosgrain....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Can't speak to the longevity but her quality seems to be very high. She seems to put a lot of care into her bags and since she's still a smaller designer I don't think she's suffered from a lack of quality control. I'd buy another AY in 2 seconds. Do it!!!
  3. Awww thankyou so much for your response, i do really love the look of it, it reminds me of a cross between a Chanel vintage flap and a Lanvin amalia so it is pure love for me at first sight :love::blush:
  4. I also love this bag. How does calf leather wear?
  5. I don't have a calfskin Anya bag, but FYI, I know Bloomingdales and Nordstrom have this bag and you might be able to get it during one of their sales/price matches. The Anya bags I do have, including suede, patent, and cloth ones, are very durable. They also repair within a year if necessary.
  6. The AH bag I bought and exchanged for my purple one was a calfskin leather one, and the SA told me that it was very durable. He told me you could just rub any marks or scratches out with your finger. You may want to call a boutique and talk to an SA about the leather. In both the London and NYC boutique I found the SA's to be very friendly and helpful.
  7. Ooh i definately think it is going on my wishlist for this year then :biggrin:
  8. i was looking at the gracie bag too as an alternative to a chanel! i tried it on. it's really nice and moulds well to your side. seems to be able to fit a decent amount
  9. Here's my Gracie in purple gros grain. It's gorgeous. My pics don't do it justice but the quality and details are amazing. Sorry to say, but the quality is far better than the canvas Gucci I just bought!
    IMG_1118.jpg IMG_1127_2.jpg IMG_1128_2.jpg IMG_1133_2.jpg IMG_1136_2.jpg
  10. a few more...
    IMG_1137_2.jpg IMG_1139.jpg IMG_1141_2.jpg IMG_1145.jpg IMG_1146_2.jpg
  11. I think my next AH will be a clutch with the bows on top. This is the luce. It's so cute!!!
  12. OMG your AH bag is sooo cute! Wear her in good health, if you manage to take any mod pics then pleaseeeeeeeeeee post in this thread :biggrin:
  13. Thank you! I will post some soon. I tried to take some last night but they were so dark. I think I'll be wearing her a lot this summer on the weekends with sundresses. I can't wait!
  14. I have two. One is the Paros style and the other is the Rio style. Both are great for everyday use! I rotate all my bags religiously so my Anyas still look good. My Paros is 5 years old and has minor scuffing on the corners and since the fabric piping is light colored, it shows some very light stains. My Rio which is about 2-3 years old, still looks practically new. :smile: I think you can clean the satin/canvas with some baby wipes as soon as some dirt gets on them.

    They hold up very well and the suede interior smells heavenly!!! Both hold a lot and are comfortable to wear over the shoulder. I think they're well worth what you pay for them, the designs are sooooo adorable and add punch to any outfit. Especially if it's a personal photo. ;)