answers to AUTHENTICITY questions!!!

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    WOW! It's mindboggling! Thanks for all the work and for sharing your knowledge again.

    OT: I have to get this out of my system: "Mind the lorry Richard!"
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    You're welcome, but Daria did most of the research on these numbers. I just copied them.

    "I wanted to speak to you, Sheridan dear, before we depart, in case Mummy sinks. I want you to be very stern with the air-sea rescue people. Make it clear to them, dear, what a loss I would be to the cultural life of the community."

    "People who try to pretend they're superior make it so much harder for those of us who really are."

    But I especially like one of Rose's -

    "Men! There's not one of them worth shaving your legs for."
  3. Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for posting these photos. what an AWESOME comparision between genuine and fakes. One more thing y'all forgot to mention. Haven't you guys NOTICED that the genuines vs the fakes....the QUALITY in the coloring of the leather? Coach's is so heavily ingrained with the dye, whereas the fakes tend to be of a lighter more "faded" hue? This can be a very, very difficult one to notice. It can easily even be mistaken. It sure does pay to educate one's self before you actually even start buying the bags!

    PSSSST. little tip: Coach's web only exlusive offers/specials....tend to be a lot cheaper than the standard going rate. A lot more affordable especially for those of us who do not feel comfortatble or "justified" in paying $250-$1000 for a bag when the household income is a measly $1900 a month. My mom raised me to be a very extensive bargain hunter. I take great pride in my bargains==especially the BIGG bargains that I succeed in obtaining. Its just a crying shame though... that many "bargains" or deeply discounted products are passed off as genuine, when they are actually pure fakes.

    You can find a lot of that at the wholesale dealers too. Which I feel is so unfair and such an injustice to this world, not to mention the designers! I have my own business, so I qualify for a lot of stuff wholesale. Just a crying shame so many people take too much for granted these days.

    I look forward (with longing!) to my very first Coach bag. I am pretty picky--HAS to be a style WITH the dogleash....

    Thank you again for posting all this info. I believe it is so important to EDUCATE the consumers--especially when hard earned dollars wind up down the drain.
  4. [​IMG]

    This pic was posted way earlier on in this topic. My question is about that little metal ring. I only have Coach wristlets (no bags) but most of them have the hang tag without the metal ring and one of them does have the metal ring. I know my wristlets are authentic so does that mean that Coach makes the hang tags both ways? And on the wristlets I have, the tags without the metal ring do not have the flat topped "A" like in the picture. I'm very curious about that silly little ring.
  5. This is one of the reasons why I keep saying that "Buying Guides" that make blanket statements about things like grommets, zippers, serial number formats, ec, are NOT TO BE DEPENDED ON. Coach didn't add the grommet to the hangtag until about 4 or 5 years ago. Did the poster say that ALL Coach hangtags should have grommets, or JUST the hangtags on that one particular kind of bag?

    Almost every buying Guide I've looked at has mistakes because the writer is copying the info from other guides or because they're only familiar with one or two years of Coach products or because they don't do their research and don't bother to update the information when Coach changes the details. The only way the information in that photo would be valid is if the writer was talking about one specific style of bag.

    Don't depend on any of these guides, even the information posted here can be wrong. And just because a detail shows up on one bag, that doesn't mean that all Coaches follow the same "rule". There are very few valid "rules".
  6. I see. I guess I was looking for a set in stone set of rules for reals vs. fakes, but as with any company Coach reinvites itself. After seeing so many bags that people say are authentic and that don't have that little grommet I started to question that posting, hence why I asked.

    The original writer was using a friends fake bag for demonstrative purposes, not a specific style.

    Thanks for that info though. I am very new to Coach. I bought my first Coach wristlet on Oct. 31, 2008 and now have a total of 4 wristlets. I am really enjoying learning about how to spot the fakes.
  7. If you go back a few pages to Page 18 and 19, I've posted a lot of information there about Coaches and fakes. And yes, Coach constantly changes the "rules" and there are always exceptions to almost every rule. There's also NO way of proving any Coach is real just because it has a certain feature. The only way to really learn Coaches is by long hard study and keeping your own files with photos, notes, serial numbers, etc.

    The only "rules' I've never found exceptions to are:

    Coach bags were never made in Korea

    Coach serial numbers should never be less than 7 digits long and should never have only 2 digits as the first half of the number.

    Coach Patchwork items will always have the same patches on BOTH sides.

    And those are the only unbreakable rules I can think of at the moment.
  8. I have a general authenticity question....

    Could the same bag be made in 2 different years? I am looking at the 11147 and one bag on ebay shows released in '07 (ex. D0768-11147) and another shows released in '08 (ex. H0868-11147) Is this possible? :confused1:
  9. Sure it is - the basic Medium Carly 10619 came out in 2006. The Signature Demi 6094 was introduced in 2000 and just discontinued 2 or 3 years ago. And the leather Station Bag 5130 has been made for the last 25 years - and they're still sold on Coach's website except for the Demi.
  10. Would a serial number of MHJ-9405 automatically be fake because there are three letters (and no numbers) before the hyphen? It's for a flat backpack.
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    It depends on how sure you are that those are the actual digits in the number. In other words, unless you're looking at the actual bag or a very good photograph, you can't always be sure the number's correct. If a seller typed that number into her listing or responded to an ASQ, she may have mis-read a digit or made a mistake typing.

    So nothing is automatically fake unless you or someone can see it and verify that it's wrong, especially if reporting a fake is involved. Number 9405 DOES belong to a Flat Backpack, so that increases the odds that the bag may be genuine. If you can post either an auction listing or close clear photos of the actual bag and he creed stamp at the Authenticate This thread, we can take a look.
  12. I have the actual backpack so I'm certain those are the correct letters/numbers. I will post pictures on the other thread. Thanks!
  13. Hi,

    I had a question (hope this is the correct thread).
    Do signature print Carlys typically have 4 pretty much complete C's across? (not anything more. usually 2 vertical and 2 sideways), or have they come out in "smaller" signature print in older editions (i.e. more than 4 across)?

    I got a Carly bag for Christmas, and I'm just a little bit curious cause the print looks off to me. In all honesty, I've never been a Carly girl so I haven't given it much thought until now.
  14. Do you have the medium or large Carly? The large size signature Carlys have more rows of C's than the medium. The C's on the large are the same size as the ones on the medium (if it's the regular signature print). What size bag is yours? Can you post pictures in the Authenticate This thread?
  15. Disregard- sorry I posted in the wrong authenticate thread.