answers to AUTHENTICITY questions!!!

  1. (note: if there is something i missed, or that needs to be elaborated on, please correct me!)

    Alright, I figured we could use a thread to condense our knowledge of how to determine a fake.

    First, NO style is exempt from being faked. Please don’t assume that, just because it is a new style, that it cannot be faked.

    Second, as a generality, all-leather bags are not faked. They just are not cost efficient for the fakers. And you can usually tell real leather and the fake stuff when it’s on the entire bag (as opposed to trims, etc).

    Now the little details…for signature.

    The signature c’s are ALWAYS symmetrical. If there is a seam down the middle of the bag, each side is an exact mirror image of the other side. *there is a SMALL exception for the mini signature pieces, but that is only a small difference.
    The symmetry is usually the most reliable way to determine a fake signature bag.


    The double c’s should touch, making what looks like a broken infinity sign. (it ends up being, basically, every other set of c’s).

    The c’s have a little “hook” to them. If they’re all completely a curve, it’s fake. (this goes for mini signature as well).

    The signature is NEVER crooked or slanting. (I think there was one exception to this, that I know of, where it was at an angle…I think it was a holiday bag?)

    If you are looking at a signature stripe piece, the part below the stripe should continue the part that was cut off above. (so if you take away the stripe, the two parts will fit together as a perfect c).

    Other stuff…

    Check or the drilldown for pictures of how the bags are supposed to look. Familiarize yourself with authentic bags.

    It’s difficult to tell in auctions, but the hardware is NOT cheap and light. It is substantial and has weight to it. The hardware is usually stamped, but that varies with each bag.

    When looking at patchwork bags, there is NO variation. If there is supposed to be a pink patch by the handle, it is ALWAYS supposed to be there. They are not individual patchworks.

    Hangtags match the leather on the bag (ie, no vachetta and a red hangtag). Just having a hangtag is NOT proof of authenticity. These are very easy to swipe…and you can easily get replacements from coach.

    There are some bags that do not have leather hangtags, but are metal. These are NOT cheap feeling, either. It isn’t enough to determine authenticity by just looking at a hangtag.

    The stitching is even and neat. Coach does NOT make sloppy bags with uneven stitching or send out sloppily made bags.

    Dustbags come in two main looks. The outlet bag is white with red lettering, while the full-price one is brown with red lettering. Both say “COACH est. 1941” and have a red drawstring. (It is notable that the outlet bags are much thinner than the ones you get at a full-price store). There are special edition dustbags out there for certain bags, but they do NOT look cheap.

    All BAGS have a serial number. Smaller items, like wristlets, do not. the creed is never crooked and the words are always spaced evenly.


    Signature bags do NOT have signature linings.

    Coach does indeed have outlets (bags purchased there will have factory tags- and, usually, the bullseye stamp on the creed or somewhere else). These are NOT seconds- they are the same quality as full-price stores. If a seller is claiming to sell seconds, or that they were purchased wholesale, it's a 99.9% chance they are fake.

    Factory stores do sell bags that are occasionally a bit “beat up” (like floor models), but these are at a greater discount. As a whole, these are not available often.

    The auction itself…

    If you are looking on ioffer, just assume it's fake. While there ARE authentic bags there, the fakes outnumber them BIG TIME!

    Look at the price. Is it a BIN for less than $100 on a brand new bag? Chances are it’s fake (or someone is pretty desperate for money, but that’s doubtful!)

    Is it a “one day only” auction? Chances are it’s a fake.

    How is the sellers feedback? Do they have negatives for selling fakes?

    How are the pictures? If they are blurry, not detailed, or stock pictures, be cautious. Ask the seller for additional, clear pictures- if they do not respond, it’s best to stay away.

    Are there large quantities of the bag/wallet/key fob available? Coach (full-price and factory) usually limit quantities- so the chance of a seller having 40 of the same bag is pretty unlikely.

    As always, if you are not sure, PLEASE post in our AUTHENTICATE THIS! sticky at the top of the page. Better to be safe than sorry!!!
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  10. Coach Bags are now limited to 5 or more day auctions.
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