Another Celine Repair

  1. Yesterday I handed over my asymmetrical satchel to my SA to send back to Celine for repair.

    I love this bag, but after using it only a handful of times I noticed that two of the feet on the bottom were very loose. I tried to find a way to tighten them myself but couldn't. I finally had to admit that I was nervous enough about one of them falling off that it was preventing me from carrying the bag, and so I turned it over for repair.

    I've been given a rough estimate of 4-6 weeks for the repair, but I know it could be longer. :sad:

    I've never had a problem with a Celine bag, and am disappointed to have this issue after such little use. I hope Celine can repair it to my satisfaction, and that this is just an anomaly, not a sign of a decline in quality!
  2. oh i'm sorry to hear that, i hate the waiting, to be away with your bag for such a long time.
    i also hope it's not a decline in quality, they are expensive bags

    i hope you got your bag soon and keep us posted dear
  3. I'm sorry to hear that! I love your asymmetrical bag, hopefully this is an one off problem.
  4. Oh no! I just bought the same bag and don't live anywhere near a Celine boutique/retailer. I hope your bag gets repaired quickly and properly!
  5. Oh no! I am sorry to read that. I hope everything turns out well.
  6. oh i'm sorry to hear that. i hope they will fix and do a good jog with it.

  7. Hi honey so sorry to hear that you have had a problem with your you may be aware I had a problem with my Trapeze after only carrying it a handful of times & owning for 2 it went to Celine for repair but they were quite quick although mine did have to be sent back because they didn't repair the zip which was a bit stiff but in total it took 10 weeks but I did go through a department store that had to go through there buyers so this added on about an extra 3 weeks.......It did put me off of using my other 2 Celine mini's because I really lost faith in the brand & after owning designer hand bags for 13 years this is the first bag that I've ever had a problem with so its stopped me buying any further Celine bags or at least for the time being until my faith is restored........Hope you don't have to wait too long ;)
  8. Hi dreamlet! How is your bag doing right now? Any outcome? I saw this user post a photo of her peelinig resin piping on her Luggage Phantom. How disheartening!
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    Not a word from Celine on the status of my bag :sad:

    I am a little disheartened, and am hesitatant to make new Celine purchases right now. The more repairs or flaws in relatively new bags I see, the more I question Celine's quality control.

    I don't know if they are letting sub-par workmanship or materials into the marketplace to keep the flow of inventory coming or keep costs down, but I don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a bag only to have to send it for repair a few weeks later!
  10. Oh dear... Sorry to hear that.
    I am also beginning to question about Celine's quality. Hence, I would rather buy spend my money on their small items. I hope they are not following the footstep of Chanel, keep increasing the price but the quality is going down.
    Btw, did you send in to the store that you purchased from?
    Do update us on your bag. GL. :smile:
  11. I'm really sad to report that I passed on a royal blue.. first because I want the MUCH brighter IRL cobalt... But most importantly because the leather was all wrinkled and almost distressed looking! I'm sad they used that leather for an allegedly smooth leather bag.. I can't believe quality control let that happen

    I'm also putting a stop at my Celine purchases until I start seeing good quality again. My trapeze's front zipper is unusable but I haven't said anything to the store because I honestly don't want to send my bag off for 2 months... :sad:
  12. 8 long weeks later, I have finally received notice that my repair has been completed and my bag is ready to pick up!

    I will collect her tomorrow, and hope she will be as good as new.
  13. Phew! Hope she is better than new after the repair. Do keep us updated!
  14. Oh that's good news! Hope your bag is perfect again!
  15. I picked up my bag today, and wanted to report back.

    The feet on the bottom have indeed been tightened, however, they also glued them to the leather to hold them in place! I was quite surprised. The feet had definitely not been glued before, and I think it's a bit of a cheap way to hold them there. I asked the SA about it, but she couldnt really say much, as the bag had been sent to Celine to do the repair. She said they use glue in some areas on luggage bags to secure stitched seams, so she figured they had just added the glue to reinforce the feet after they had been tightened.

    I must admit I am more than a little disappointed that this was how they chose to fix the bag. The glued areas are very evident (and I know I'm being picky here since it is the bottom of the bag). For me, it takes away from the beauty of the bag.

    Am I being too sensitive? Should I just be happy and enjoy having this beauty back? Talk some sense into me!