Another Celine Repair

  1. Omg - I personally would return the bag. Where did you purchase it? Makes me wonder if they really sent it to Celine or if they sent it to their own repair. I would get my money back or have them exchange it. That is totally unacceptable. I could have glued the feet for you. Let us know what you decide to do. I have never had an issue with any of my Celines and I beat them up pretty good. Good luck :smile: PS I'm in San Francisco right now! Isn't that where your from?
  2. This sounds horrible! I would not expect a luxury brand to repair their bags this way. IMO, it spoils the bag totally, it doesn't matter even if it's at the bottom of the bag. I think you should kick a fuss at the boutique for ruining your bag. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:
  3. Oh imagine one day you decide to sell it on eBay or bonz, I think this will also affect the resale value. Perhaps you can use this reason to negotiate with them?
  4. I know. I am really bummed. I think I am going to speak to the manager at Barney's and see what she can do.

    I am torn, because the asymmetrical satchel is not made anymore, and I doubt they will be able to replace it for me. I do really love this bag, but I love it less with glued feet :sad:

    The glue definitely decreases my perception on the quality and makes me enjoy carrying it less. Sigh.
  5. Hi Dreamlet, Sorry to hear about your repair experience. Based on how they repair your bag, it dishearten me of how Celine doesn't really care about their qc nor afraid of disappointing their loyal fans. I would say exchange something else since you will carry it less. Hope your problem will be resolved soon.
  6. I'm still of the opinion that Barney's had it repaired for you and not Celine. I can't imagine that Celine would do that.
  7. i would definitely speak with the manager! keep us posted!
  8. Oh, so sorry that happened with your beloved bag! I also think that is not acceptable. The repairs should not be such visible. Keep us posted what Barneys says in that matter!
  9. What a downer. I am sorry that the repair turned out for the worse. I agree with lisabmiller that the bag probably was repaired in-house by Barneys. I doubt Céline will let this happen. You should speak to the manager and have her do something about this. Totally unacceptable for a bag that costs that much to be treated with glue! Absurd. Hope it works out and do let us know of the outcome. Rooting for you!
  10. Could you post Pic? I'm curious how bad they would do. I mean sure you could've glued it yourself! So disappointing!
  11. So sorry this happened to you dreamlet! The asymmetrical satchel is almost impossible to be replaced by now so this would be a very tough call. Even so, I would still talk to Barney's if they could find you a repacement. If they cannot find one, and returing the bag will make you non-stop thinking of the asymmetrical bag, I would suggest to keep it; otherwise, talk to Barney's to seek for a refund.

    Recently I had something similar happened with my Celine purchase from Barney's. But it is a Celine jewlery, not a bag. I purchased the piece jewlery unseen, and it arrived like a pre-own item with a broken chain. I sent the photo to my SA. She told me to send it back to her and she will send to Celine to repair. It took about 6 weeks, and the jewlery was returned like brand new. I couldn't tell if they replaced it with a brand new one, or it is the original but was repaired. But I am totally happy and satisfied with the result.

    Wish you the best luck dreamlet! Please keep us posted.
  12. Update:

    Barney's management has been very responsive and apologetic. They insist the repair was done by Celine, and they have contacted Celine with the issue. Celine's response is as follows.

    “We sincerely apologize that you have received the bag in this way. Please know that we uphold the same standards and quality for all CELINE repairs and inspect all repaired bags prior to returning them to you. We are surprised ourselves to hear this and apologize that this somehow slipped thru and was returned to your customer in this manner.”

    They have asked Barney's to photograph the bag, and likely return it to them to inspect. I had already pulled the excess glue off the bag, but I brought it in today and showed her what I meant. The glue isn't done evenly on the feet - one side of each foot appears stuck to (and pulling at) the leather, while I can easily slide a fingernail under the other side. I left the bag with them again, and am waiting to hear their response.

    I am really frustrated with the whole situation. I had carried this bag very little, and have already been without it for 2 months. It makes me appreciate the excellent after care of some other more established brands, and worry a little about my other Celine items.
  13. Good to hear OP! Make sure you take pictures of before for yourself and after. You know for your record. Keep it for proof and facts, do it with the manager present even when you drop off the bag in their store. Good luck and keep us posted.
  14. Update:

    Celine wants the bag shipped back to them again, to "review".

    Barney's is on the lookout for another Asymmetrical bag for me. I would rather a new bag at this point, since I have no idea how Celine can undo or remove the glue they used to attach the feet to the leather. However, I know the chance of finding another one is slim, so I will have to wait and see what Celine says.
  15. Good news! Barney's has located no one, but two new bags! I will be going in this weekend to see them and select a replacement. Still no news from Celine re: the repair, but I guess that is in Barney's hands now.