Anna Wintour's Necklace

  1. I was just watching QVC and saw that Joan River's offer a similar style necklace in various colors. I'm not sure of the quality..but the price was only in the forty dollar range on special.
  2. Anna Wintour's signature pieces are certainly not crystals. She is a spiritual woman and she is a scorpio, my understanding is that her necklace's are yellow topaz and blue topaz her birthstone's.
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    I'm gonna take a stab and guess that Anna's necklace is Taffin rather than SJ Phillips. I've seen her wear James Taffin de Givenchy before.

    Yes Desert Mermaid is absolutely correct. Anna is a HUGE fan of SJ Phillips (notice the major write ups on SJ Phillips in US Vogue over the years, particularly one fawning article from Plum Sykes many years ago.) But SJ Phillips is known for its fabulous estate jewelry, not so much for contemporary designs, which is what Anna is using in the film.

    She seems to prefer pieces and stones in this color. Another piece in the picture below.
  4. I was considering the Jcrew crystal colletto necklaces. Has anyone purchased them? if so, what are your thoughts on their quality and look. Also, model pic's would be great!
  5. I purchased the Jcrew necklace today and I not sure about it because it keep rolling onto the side so the crystals aren't showing....when it is flat it looks great and the quality is great for the price...
  6. Me again....I just wanted to add (in case anyone was interested in the Jcrew piece) that I didn't give up on it because it's beautiful and made well... So, I tried again and it's laying right. I think I may have twisted the clasp when putting it on and twisted it somehow. So, right now I'm soooo happy.
  7. can you please post a link or picture of the J. Crew necklace? Thanks :smile:
  8. is a photo of the Jcrew crystal colletto necklace I purchased (item 25976). This is the color I purchased (very light brown neutral color). I will post a modeling pic later or tomorrow.....
    jcrew necklace.jpg
  9. Hi: I love the necklaces that you had made in hong kong to replicate the necklaces anna wore in the sept issue (which I just watched today) is there any way that I can order one or two and if so how would i do that?
    thanks BTW I also LOVE Hong Kong!!Denise
  10. it's H. Stern, check out at Vogue brazil
  11. and correct it's topaz from the DVF collection, by H. stern HTH !
  12. let us know, I would love to see it!! and want one too!!
  13. where can I contact to see about getting one made?
  14. 5/10/2010
    J. Crew has a great necklace on their website right is on sale for $69.99, regularly $98.00, I tried it on in the store and it really is fabulous..they have lilac, pale buff and clear and it will probably go fast if you don't order it asap.
    I ordered all three colors. I think you will be happy!!
  15. It is called Crystal Coletto Necklace.